Quiz: Congratulations to Mike Mahony from Comsys

Quiz: Congratulations to Mike Mahony from Comsys

Get in the running to win a slab of beer

Congratulations to Comsys’s Mike Mahony, winner of the ARN Community Quiz. His reward for answering all questions correctly is a slab of beer that will be delivered on Friday.

Mike’s multiple choice questions will also be featured in the upcoming Quiz:

Who is going to train Xen Masters?

For your chance to win a free case of beer, be sure to take part in Friday’s ARN Community Quiz. Details will be sent via the ARN PM Daily.

Please leave your full name and contact details, or we won’t know where to send the beer and may just have to enjoy a few ourselves instead!

Answers to the March 27 Quiz:

How many homes and businesses will the NEC and OptiComm's partnership provide FTTH for? b. 50,000

Dean quit his post as channel development manager of which company? b. Citrix

Which distributor will have access to Google's Enterprise Search Appliances? a. Ingram

What location is vendor, TrickleStar, based in? c. Hong Kong

How many offices does distributor, WhiteGold, have across the country? a. 4

What did ARN editor, Nadia Cameron, say about Nortel's new channel incentive program? a. It seems like a great way to keep partners from falling behind on new technologies.

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