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Symantec Demonstrates Innovation with Preview of Future Technologies

Symantec executive vice president and CTO, Mark Bregman is in Australia this week to preview two of Symantec’s future technologies and provide an insight into the innovative ways Symantec is solving real-world problems in security, storage and systems management.
  • 31 March, 2009 13:07

<p>SYDNEY, Australia – 31 March 2009 – Symantec executive vice president and CTO, Mark Bregman is in Australia this week to preview two of Symantec’s future technologies and provide an insight into the innovative ways Symantec is solving real-world problems in security, storage and systems management.</p>
<p>Heading up the Office of the CTO, Bregman’s remit includes Symantec Research Labs (SRL) - the company’s global research organisation which is focused on innovating next generation technologies. Bregman said that innovation takes place across the entire company and is one of Symantec’s core values.</p>
<p>“We believe our internal research and development efforts help to strengthen our business and improve our competitive positioning, which is why we invest 15 percent of annual revenue into research and development. Symantec has teams of engineers worldwide focused on core product development, pure research and on tailoring our products to meet regional requirements. Within Australia and New Zealand, Symantec has centres located in Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland. We ensure that research and development engineers are embedded within business units to remain close to product engineering and customer feedback,” said Bregman.</p>
<p>“Symantec is continuously generating new ideas and developing next generation technologies. It’s not just the technical landscape that’s in a constant state of flux – market players, customer needs, and the economy are also shifting, requiring us to innovate in every function of the company. We nurture innovation by fostering a culture that embraces change,” Bregman added.</p>
<p>Two new technologies will be the particular focus of his visit to [New Zealand/Australia] DeepClean and Virtualization-based endpoint security (VIBES).</p>
<p>Reputation-based security</p>
<p>DeepClean, developed by the SRL Advanced Concepts group, is a reputation-based whitelisting technology designed to help customers assess their risks and exposure to rapidly emerging threats as new malware continues appearing at unprecedented frequency. DeepClean leverages and extends the Symantec Global Intelligence Network for building and maintaining a precise, comprehensive whitelist and file/provider reputation infrastructure. DeepClean employs whitelisting and reputation analysis and supplements existing approaches such as signatures, heuristics and blacklists to detect today’s emerging Internet threats and targeted attack types.</p>
<p>“This innovative technology was architected to address the scale and speed requirements necessary for use in enterprise environments with minimal administrative effort,” said Joe Pasqua vice president, Symantec Research Labs, Symantec. “DeepClean is deployed as an enterprise perimeter monitor and presents risk assessment reports to IT administrators via a secure private web portal. Each file has a reputation rating that helps categorise legitimate and malicious files. The result is the ability to far more comprehensively assess risks of any files as the volume and diversity targeted attacks continues increasing dramatically,” he added.</p>
<p>Virtualization-Based Endpoint Security (VIBES)</p>
<p>The VIBES technology is a new innovation developed by the Symantec Research Labs Core Research group. VIBES leverages virtualization technology to protect end users by preventing sensitive data entered in online transactions from being stolen and mitigating the risks associated with executing malicious content downloaded from the Internet. By transparently setting up multiple isolated virtual execution environments, each with its own level of trust, this new approach significantly improves browser security by enabling users to seamlessly use different virtual execution environments to carry out different web transactions. The three virtual execution environments in the current VIBES prototype are:</p>
<p>· The “User” virtual machine is where normal day-to-day activities are performed.</p>
<p>· The “Trusted” virtual machine is where trusted operations such as entering sensitive credential information are conducted.</p>
<p>· The “Playground” virtual machine is where more adventurous, untrusted activities are carried out, such as visiting unknown web sites or downloading unknown applications.</p>
<p>“A unique capability of the VIBES technology is its ability to automatically choose the most suitable virtual execution environment for a given browser interaction scenario and completely hide the use of virtualization from end users,” said Pasqua.</p>
<p>“The DeepClean and VIBES technologies demonstrate Symantec‘s commitment to enhancing its solutions to meet current customer demands, while at the same time focusing on developing new products and services to meet future needs,” he added.</p>
<p>About Symantec Research Labs</p>
<p>Symantec Research Labs (SRL) Symantec’s global research organisation and has played a leading role in developing and commercialising numerous cutting-edge technologies across Symantec’s business areas. Commercialised technologies from the group include industry leading rootkit protection, innovative browser protection technology to proactively block future exploits of known vulnerabilities, Symantec’s first antispam technology, generic exploit blocking technology that proactively blocks fast-spreading threats, online consumer security services, and technology to help protect our nation’s critical power-grid infrastructure. SRL also partners with outside organisations on joint projects, through its university and government research efforts.</p>
<p>SRL is comprised of four research groups – Core Research, Advanced Concepts, Government Research and University Research.</p>
<p>· The Core Research group conducts short, medium and long-term research in the areas of storage, security and availability. The group builds enabling technologies for transfer to product groups and develops new intellectual property in key strategic areas.</p>
<p>· The Advanced Concepts group is a “startup-type” group within Symantec Research Labs that builds entirely new products and technologies in emerging areas, for release directly to a set of pilot customers for deployment in production environments.</p>
<p>· The Government Research group engages in long-term research funded by government agencies in the U.S. and Europe. The group partners with industry and academia partners and transfers technology to Symantec product teams.</p>
<p>· The University Research group connects Symantec with the latest research in development, and with thought leaders and students at U.S. universities. The group’s efforts aid creating a talent pool of advanced degree employees and interns, bring researchers to Symantec to talk about their work and encourage university research in areas of Symantec’s interest for long-term commercialisation.</p>
<p>About Symantec</p>
<p>Symantec is a global leader in providing security, storage and systems management solutions to help consumers and organisations secure and manage their information-driven world. Our software and services protect against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently, enabling confidence wherever information is used or stored. More information is available at</p>
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