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AOC releases the World Slimmest WLED Monitor

  • 31 March, 2009 12:00

<p><em>The Verfino series, a demonstration of AOC advancing in display technologies
with green credentials.</em> <br/>
<img height="241" src="" width="450"/><br/>
<strong>Sydney Australia</strong> - <strong>March 31 2009</strong> - AOC, the
brand owned by the world's largest display manufacturer, unveils the Verfino
series, the world's slimmest WLED monitor. Boasting a thickness of just 18.5mm
, its targeted at a new breed of discerning home and business users who pursue
cutting edge designs to match their modern outlook while being conscious about
the environment. AOC's Verfino V22, 22-inch widescreen, will be available in
Australia from April 15, 2009.<br/>
<strong>The World's Slimmest WLED Monitor Just Looks Better</strong><br/>
Just when you thought that modern LCD monitors are slim, look again. AOC's Verfino
series is unprecedented in ultra-slim monitor design. The Verfino V22 achieves
a thickness of a mere 18.5mm making the standard LCD monitor look boxy. The
Verfino series perfectly matches the modern desktop at home or office with its
sleek lines, piano black finish that is framed in high gloss translucent duco
and a touch of red to accentuate its elegance. The base even goes beyond your
plastic monitor stand, the Verfino series comes with a classy toughened glass
resembling a wine glass base. Nothing is overlooked.<br/>
<strong>Slim Means Green</strong><br/>
The Verfino V22 uses WLED technology. Compared to the normal LCD Monitors, WLED
backlight displays are mercury free. Mercury free displays contribute to greener
computing and fast becoming a requirement for environmental protection in many
countries. WLED backlighting used in the Verfino V22 also boasts a reduction
in power consumption of up to 20% making it ideal for homes and businesses who
want to save on electricity bills as well as doing their part for the environment.
Adding to the Verfino's green credentials is the lengths AOC has achieved to
reduce wastage in packaging and shipping. The detachable base and the ultra-slim
body can be packed into a mere 116 mm in thickness carton and is protected by
100% recycled pulp mold (similar materials used in egg cartons) instead of foam.
The result is a more green and efficient shipping of AOC Verfino monitors worldwide.<br/>
<strong>The Verfino's Multimedia Flexibility</strong><br/>
The Verfino V22 comes with and HDMI input plus built in speakers. This allows
for pure High Definition viewing and interconnectvitiy with HD devices such
as Blu-ray, XBox 360 or PS3. The Verfino series also comes with built-in 1.3MP
Webcam and a digital microphone! Video conferencing or fun web cam expressions
is now a breeze without the clutter of extra wires and cables. Insired by the
mobile phone, AOC' trademark the navigation button is now more intuitative making
configuration seamless ergonomic. As an alternative, users can also install
the configuration software on your PC to allow adjustments to be done on the
screen .<br/>
<strong>Summary of Features</strong><br/>
- 21.6"W Viewable Image Size <br/>
- HDMI and VGA Inputs Resolution: 1680 x 1050<br/>
- Response Time: 2ms (GTG) <br/>
- Built-in Speakers<br/>
- Built-in Webcam and Microphone<br/>
- Brightness: 280 cd/m²<br/>
- Contrast Ratio: 100,000:1 (DCR)<br/>
- HDCP compatible <br/>
<strong>Product Summary</strong><br/>
Vendor: AOC<br/>
Model: AOC's Verfino V22 <br/>
RRP: AU $449<br/>
Website: <a href="#"></a> <br/>
Australian Distributors: Compucon Computers and Todaytech Distribution<br/>
Availability: April 15 2009<br/>
<strong>About AOC</strong><br/>
AOC is owned by the world’s largest display manufacturer TPV Technology
Limited (TPV). TPV sold over 47.6 million units computer monitors in 2008, which
represents 28.5% global market share of computer monitors. With dedicated research
and development, AOC today offers a wide range of top performing monitors and
displays. In 2008 alone, AOC shipped 8.4 million units of PC monitor and TV
products, representing an annual growth of 20.8%. AOC achieved impressive sales
performance in Asia Pacific &amp; South America. AOC market share increased
2.1% from 12.2% in Y2007 to 14.3% in Y2008, which IDC AP ranked AOC second in
volume in Asia Pacific (ex. Japan) (Source: IDC AP non-bundled PC Monitor Tracker
Q4 2008).<br/>
AOC is positioned to be one of the top global players in providing the best
value display technology.<br/>
<strong>PR CONTACT</strong><br/>
Renato Catalan<br/>
Gap Marketing and Management Pty Ltd<br/>
Website: <a href="#"></a><br/></p>

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