Streaming for the cleaner streams

Streaming for the cleaner streams

Who says our technologically minded society is killing off every leaf of every branch of every tree that is giving us our last, sweet breathe of fresh air before our ruthless leaders deny us of every molecule of precious oxygen left in the atmosphere to keep our cold hearts ticking!

This week Tabloid wants to give a big, green kiss to WebCentral, OzEmail and ChaosMusic for being some of the many sponsors helping out a group of tree-hugging punses (sorry rainforest enthusiasts) who are trying anything and everything to keep the forests in Ecuador from being chopped.

WebCentral has provided the rainforest jukebox organisation, which raises awareness of these issues through music releases on the Internet and on compact disc, with a free Web site for the project. OzEmail has also pitched in with free e-mail accounts, while ChaosMusic is hosting some media streams and is warehousing and shipping benefit CDs.

The organisation's main evangelist, a certain John Seed (seriously, we make up names a lot, but this is his name and he is quite serious about the earth), said the project couldn't have been possible without the techie sponsors and is always keen to hear of more companies willing to lend a hand in whatever way they can. And of course, Tabloid will be there to cover it.

More information on the project is available at

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