The hard life of a CEO

The hard life of a CEO

You know what they teach you in management school? Lead from the front!!! Lead by example!!! Practice what you preach!!! So Mark Jackson (not to be confused with the lovable Eveready boofhead), general manager of Allied Telesyn Australia/New Zealand, decided to lead his troops up the steep, icy Nepalese mountains as a team-building exercise. And as he got to the summit (pictured behind him), he turned around to realise that nobody had followed him (except the cameraman, of course).

So 18,132 feet above the sea, Jackson realised what managing a channel company is all about. The vendors tell you to "go forward" (as if you could possibly move backwards), your peers tell you to "scale the heights" (and they'll be right behind you to borrow money) and your staff tell you to slow down, they need a coffee.

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