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Creator Tech helps Internode launch Symmetrical Ethernet Service

  • 25 March, 2009 14:25

<p>Creator Tech, the team that has brought a number of solutions to the Australian telco market, has helped Internode to launch a new Ethernet service that will benefit mid-size organisations.</p>
<p>Internode’s Extreme SHDSL (Symmetric High-speed Digital Subscriber Line) is a copper-based service that delivers both downstream and upstream Internet access at guaranteed speeds from five to 40 Mbps.</p>
<p>This fully-symmetrical service is targeted at businesses that have outgrown the capacity of their ADSL2+ Internet connection, but find optical fibre Ethernet alternatives too expensive. Even traditional leased line solutions, which offer limited speed and scalability, can be cost-prohibitive.</p>
<p>G.SHDSL was developed by the ITU for sending and receiving symmetrical data streams over copper wires, and will transport E1, ISDN, ATM and IP. As a standard, it has been around since 2001. The Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) protocol defines how Ethernet can be transmitted on a voice-grade copper network. It uses the G.SHDSL standard as a ‘data pump’ to do this. Again, it has been around for a while – EFM was approved in June 2004 – and is ideal for distributed organisations that do not want to pay for legacy leased-line services and are not ready to move to a fibre network.</p>
<p>Initially, Extreme SHDSL is available across the Adelaide Central Business District: Internode plans to deploy it in key business areas of other cities, and ultimately it will extend across the wider metropolitan area.</p>
<p>Creator Tech consultant Peter Pain socialised the idea of launching an Ethernet service on existing copper tails with Internode at the beginning of 2008. Once the idea started to gain acceptance, Creator Tech worked closely with the Internode team to identify requirements, and with suppliers to ensure these requirements were met both in the pilot phase and now in the live roll-out.</p>
<p>“The concept is brilliant in its simplicity,” said Peter. “It’s a data service that runs over your current copper network, and has the same speeds whether you are sending data out or receiving it. There must be hundreds of companies and other organisations currently stuck on an asymmetric service or an expensive legacy leased line who would benefit from this.”
More information on Extreme SHDSL at:</p>
<p>About Creator Tech</p>
<p>Creator Tech specialises in outsourced sales, marketing and business development strategies for the communications and information technology market.</p>
<p>The company’s unique and comprehensive ‘Marketing as a Service’ approach accelerates revenue for clients more effectively than conventional methods. High levels of expertise transform products and technologies into real business opportunities that achieve sustainable business growth for clients. Through consistent, professional integrity, the Creator Tech team have established high levels of trust in the target markets.</p>
<p>Clients include hardware, software, services, network and security solution suppliers; service providers and system Integrators. Ranging from start-ups to corporates, they are based in the USA, Canada, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan.</p>
<p>Creator Tech is constantly on the lookout for innovative new solutions. If a solution has value, the company is able to rapidly realise this for its clients.</p>
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