Eclipse to detail platform, SOA plans at conference

Eclipse to detail platform, SOA plans at conference

Microsoft, IBM to ponder IDEs at EclipseCon 2009, while Eclipse will show off progress of its E4 platform.

In another runtime-related development, Eclipse will announce its new jurisdiction over the Jetty Web server project. A competitor to Apache Tomcat, Jetty is small, lightweight, and be used as an embedded Web server in other applications, Milinkovich said. It also can be made to scale on larger machines.

Moving it to Eclipse from its previous home,, will give it broader community support, the benefit of intellectual property due diligence processes, and involvement with other pieces of the Eclipse runtime, Milinkovich said. Eclipse plans to ship Jetty 7 as its own first release of the project in June. Version 7 will feature support of the Java Servlet 3.0 specification.

"[The specification] basically defines how you write Web pages in Java or produce Web content in Java," said Milinkovich.

Another runtime to be promoted at the conference, EclipseLink 1.1, serves as a Java persistence runtime implementation of Java Persistence Architecture 2.0. Released on March 11, the runtime works with a relational database to get data in and out of Java programs.

Eclipse will also tout what it described as momentum in the modeling space. "We're seeing a lot of growth in modeling in Eclipse," Milinkovich said. There are eight different modeling projects within Eclipse, including Eclipse Modeling Framework.

A lot of the projects extend the framework into such areas as domain-specific languages via the XText project. Domain-specific languages are languages geared to a specific problem area, such as banking or insurance.

The conference also will air developments in industry vertical areas, such as the recent formation of the Eclipse Pulsar project for mobile applications as well as creation of industry workgroups for areas like development of a credit management framework. "The hope is banks would adopt this as the basis for their applications," Milinkovich said.

"Right now, every one of these organizations is basically building their own. We think it would be a lot more efficient [if] they collaborated on building just one implementation," Milinkovich said.

Also at EclipseCon on Monday, Red Hat will announce availability of JBoss Developer Studio 2.0 -- Portfolio Edition, offering a development environment to enhance the Eclipse-based toolset and adding the JBoss Enterprise Application, Portal, SOA, and Data Services Platforms. Developers can build rich Web and enterprise applications. JBoss Developer Studio -- Portfolio Edition is available via subscription. Developer support must be purchased separately.

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