EDITORIAL: The Glamour of Loyalty

EDITORIAL: The Glamour of Loyalty

In February 2000 I was in the US visiting IT companies and IDG offices. It was totally wild. Every time the phone rang in my colleagues' offices it was a job offer. The IT clients were reporting huge exits of staff. In San Franciso office space was at a ridiculous premium and basically impossible to find.

What was happening? You guessed it - the great dotcom pilgrimage. Everyone who had IT experience was being headhunted out of their beds, anyone with technology market knowledge was indispensable and little Internet startups were renting every available inch of high-rise with vc dollars still bursting out of their wallets.

The lure of the new economy and the promise of stock options were just too glamorous for the grandchildren of the Haight Ashbury community. So much for flowers in their hair, give them the Gordon Gecko revisit.

And then along came April. Crash bang went the market, unrealised went the IPO, useless became the stock option. Suddenly there were only two paths - back to IT or join the homeless.

And most technology companies did what all good parents do - welcomed back the prodigal sons. Come back to nurturing stable environments without the glamour of the promise, but with security and excellent career opportunities.

I was reminded of all this again when I read through the profiles in this launch publication. The environments that the channel sets up for its faithful are wonderful. Each profile presents vendors and distributors who value staff, who encourage loyalty, who offer excellent advancement and compensation.

Information technology is dynamic and the companies in its supply chain can be innovative and are usually very successful. I know today's workforce are hardly the gold watchers of our parents' and grandparents' generations, but loyalty to such an important industry sector seems to pay off.

Welcome to the 2001 issue of ARN's special publication Great Places to Work in the Channel. Why don't you email me about your workplace.

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