Asia-Pacific IT spending on the way back

Asia-Pacific IT spending on the way back

Total IT spending in the Asia-Pacific region will reach $US259 billion in 2002, a 5.8 per cent increase over 2001, according to research figures released by Gartner.

The figures show that IT spending in the Asia-Pacific region is growing faster than the worldwide IT market, which is expected to grow 3.4 per cent this year to $US2.3 trillion, Gartner said.

The improved Asia-Pacific IT spending growth rate, up from last year's 1.4 per cent, is a sign that organisations are beginning to look more favourably at investing in strategic projects. The IT investments are mainly going towards projects offering a shorter-term return on investment, productivity gain and cost reduction, Gartner said.

Telecommunication spending accounts for 71 per cent of all IT spending in Asia-Pacific. Growth in this sector will be 5.5 per cent this year compared to last year's 0.5 per cent, according to Gartner.

Hardware is the second-largest IT sector, accounting for 14.9 per cent of end-user spending, ahead of IT services, which accounts for 12 per cent of spending.

But the IT services market is the fastest-growing sector with growth of 10.2 per cent expected this year, according to Gartner figures.

In 2003, IT spending growth will jump to 9.9 per cent with the IT services market leading the way with 12.3 per cent growth followed by telecommunications with 10.4 per cent growth, Gartner said.

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