Greenplum touts super-quick data loading

Greenplum touts super-quick data loading

Database "fastest in the industry"

Greenplum has released new technology which it says can speed the loading of data into large scale databases, without compromising overall performance.

San Mateo, California-based Greenplum provides a high performance database (DBMS) typically used in data warehousing and large-scale analytical processing (or business intelligence) applications. It powers the Sun Data Warehouse Appliance, and customers include the likes of Linkedin, Nasdaq, NYSE Euronext, Fox Interactive Media, and Myspace.

Data loading is rapidly becoming an issue for companies increasingly facing exponential data growth. "For many companies data loading is a bottleneck," said Ben Werther, director of product marketing at Greenplum. "Data loading is traditionally done at night, but more data and longer loading cycles, sometime means this extends into the working day."

"The amount of data is growing on a daily or weekly basis," said Paul Salazar, VP of corporate marketing. "Companies are seeking to gain competitive advantage from analysing the data they capture and they are also choosing to store more data about specific events."

Salazar said that if customers can gain field intelligence quickly, by shorten data loading times to a couple of hours instead of overnight or longer, then there is a definite competitive advantage to be had.

To this end, Greenplum has introduced technology it is calling MPP Scatter/Gather Streaming' (or SG Steaming for short). SG Streaming technology is available immediately with the Greenplum Database. It is included at no extra charge to Greenplum customers, and the company says it eliminates the bottlenecks associated with other approaches to data loading.

Indeed, Greenplum cites customers that are achieving production loading speeds of over 4TB per hour. "The loading capabilities of this database are remarkable," said Brian Dolan, director of research analytics at Fox Interactive Media. "We're loading at rates of four terabytes an hour, consistently."

"This is definitely the fastest in the industry," said Greenplum's Werther. "Netezza for example quotes 500GB an hour, and we have not seen anyone doing more than 1TB an hour."

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