AMD launches 1.1GHz Duron

AMD launches 1.1GHz Duron

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) on Monday began shipping a 1.1GHz version of its low-cost Duron processor, the company said in a statement.

Although it represents only a slight speed increase over the company's previous top offering of 1GHz, the new processor brings AMD to a tie, in terms of clock speed, with rival chip maker Intel. Intel's own low-cost processor, the Celeron, is also available at 1.1GHz for desktop machines. However, Intel announced on Monday a new version of its Celeron for mobile machines that surpasses the clock speed of AMD's mobile version. The fastest mobile Celeron is now a 933MHz chip, while the Duron version for mobile machines has a 900MHz clock speed.

AMD is probably hoping this week will go better than last week, in which it had two pieces of bad news in one day. Last Tuesday, AMD announced it would close two of its fabrication plants in Austin and lay off 2300 employees. The same day, users found out that PC vendor Gateway would only be using the company's chips until its current supply was depleted.

The 1.1GHz AMD Duron processor is priced at $US103 in quantities of 1000 units, a standard quantity for chip sales.

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