PC Briefs: Intel, Memory card standards, Playstation

PC Briefs: Intel, Memory card standards, Playstation

Intel cuts P4 prices

Intel will cut the prices of its Pentium 4 processors an average of 26 per cent by September 1, six weeks earlier than expected, according to a research note from Salomon Smith Barney Holdings. The chip maker has also accelerated its product roadmap for upcoming Pentium 4 processors. The price of higher-end processors will be cut earlier to coincide with the launch of the 2.8GHz Pentium 4 on August 25, said Jonathan Joseph, an analyst at Salomon Smith Barney. Intel's 3.0GHz P4 will also be released ahead of schedule. The fastest current chip in the P4 line-up, the 2.53GHz processor, will have its price reduced 63 per cent, while the low-end 1.8GHz processor will get a 13 per cent price cut, Joseph said.

Memory card standards

Several major memory card makers have developed a new Mobile Commerce (MC) Extension standard for flash memory cards. The five companies are Hitachi, Ingentix, Matsushita Electric Industrial, SanDisk and Toshiba. The MC Extension Standard outlines how the security functions - content protection and authentication - can be implemented in flash memory cards, a joint statement said. Cards using the standard will be used for applications such as secure data transfer, content purchase and electronic payment and will be used in PCs, notebook, PDAs and mobile phones. The group plans to license the new standard openly to the market.

Millions of PlayStations

Sony Computer Entertainment has shipped its 10 millionth PlayStation 2 games console in its home market of Japan. The landmark was reached two years and five months after the console was launched in Japan. In comparison, that's seven months less than the first-generation PlayStation console took to reach the same level, according to the company. Japan shipments have accounted for just under one in three of all PlayStation 2 consoles sold.

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