Intel's RAS departure leaves Perle shining

Intel's RAS departure leaves Perle shining

Since Intel announced it would be discontinuing its range of remote access servers (RAS), Perle Systems has been eager to step in as Intel's successor.

Intel enjoyed a market leadership in the dial access and serial server market after it acquired Shiva in 1998. But the chipmaker pulled up stumps on the Shiva LANRover and ShivaPort product lines as of 4 January 2001. Since then, Perle has stepped in with its range of comparable alternative offerings and expects big things.

While Paul Kern, Perle Systems regional manager Australia/New Zealand, admits virtual private networks (VPNs) are the way of the future for remote access to a company's internal or wide area networks the RAS market is still alive and well.

"VPNs need a strong link to the ISP and there are still some questions about the security preventing people sniffing out what's going across the network," says Kern. "The RAS market is still a sizable market and we haven't seen any real decline as yet."

Kern believes that while ISPs continue to be an ideal market for RASs, companies of all sizes continue to use the technology to connect with their travelling sales force, customers and business partners.

Perle's alternative RAS products operate from around 120 simultaneous dial-ins to two, and compare strongly with the Intel/Shiva-branded products currently being discontinued.

"The message we're trying to get across is 'hey, you've sold Shiva, and while it's been a good product, it's not going to be developed any further. So say you waiting on a new feature to be added or a bug to be fixed, it's not going to happen'," says Kern. "It's an end-of-line product and that's not going to get resellers very excited about selling it."

Perle Systems: (03) 92499614

Comparative Table

ShivaPort - 8/16/32 port Access/Serial server Perle 833 - 2/4/8 Serial port access serverShiva LanRover E/Plus/E XP16 Perle 833IS - 8 to 16 port access server 56Kbps V.90/ISDN RI. Cisco IOS compatibleShiva LanRover Access Switch Perle 833AS -- 12 to 120 port access switch T1/E1/PRI. Cisco IOS compatibleShivaPort Atom - 8/16 port Serial Server Perle IOLAN - 102/104/+/Rack-2/4/8/16 port serial server Perle JetStream 4008/8016/8024- 8/16/24 port serial server Perle LinkStream 2000 - integrated router and serial server (8, 16 or 24 serial or 7 to 14 Twinax devices)

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