PC Briefs: HP, Sun, Vivendi

PC Briefs: HP, Sun, Vivendi

HP on top in PC land

Preliminary second-quarter statistics compiled by IDC show that the new Hewlett-Packard has managed to claim the top spot in PC sales following its acquisition of Compaq. HP was named as the top-selling vendor for the quarter for both the desktop and the standard Intel-based server market. In the desktop market, the merged entity stretched its lead over Dell Computer, which was followed by Acer and IBM. In the Intel server market, HP sold twice as many servers as its nearest rival, IBM, with Dell coming in third. Toshiba continues to top notebook sales, with HP second and IBM third.

Linux on the desktop

Sun Microsystems executives have been dropping hints left, right and centre about forthcoming news that could boost Linux's place on the desktop. Scott McNealy, president, CEO and chairman of Sun, told attendees at the recent LinuxWorld conference to "stay tuned" with regards to Sun's support for such a project. Others have worked to make an easy-to-use version of Linux to compete with Windows on the desktop, but those efforts have largely failed. Still, some companies such as Ximian,, Redmond Linux - and now, apparently, Sun - are trying to make Linux suitable for business and home users on the desktop.

New game plan

Vivendi Universal Publishing has a new development studio that will publish PC and console-based interactive games. The new studio, Black Label Games, will develop new game software for Vivendi Universal Games, a division of Vivendi Universal Publishing. It aims to create games that satisfy the appetite among that audience for increasingly sophisticated content, said CEO Ken Cron. Among the first titles due under Black Label Games are The Thing, an action and horror survival game based on the 1982 film; The Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring; and Enclave, a third-person action RPG from Conspiracy Entertainment for Microsoft's Xbox.

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