PC Briefs: Via, Minolta-QMS, Palm

PC Briefs: Via, Minolta-QMS, Palm

Via launches AMD chipset

Via Technologies has released a new chipset for Athlon XP processors from Advanced Micro Devices. The Apollo KT400 is designed for Socket A motherboards and processors, such as AMD's Athlon and Duron chips. It supports DDR (double data rate) 200/266/333 SDRAM, and is targeted at gamers and video editors. DDR333 memory delivers 2.7GB per second of memory bandwidth through Via's memory controller. Gamers will appreciate the 2.1GB per second bandwidth from the chip's 8x AGP (accelerated graphics port).

Minolta-QMS hires Eddie

Printer vendor Minolta-QMS has put a new spin on that most used of Internet terminologies, creating a Virtual Reseller Support role for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Eddie - the online system that stands for Electronic Dealer Information - has for the past few months grown to encompass a range of different resources and 24-hour sales support, from print samples and spec sheets to technical information. Dealers can talk to Eddie and ask questions, as well as downloading anything that they need to help them sell. Dealers can contact Eddie by calling the Minolta-QMS sales support line on 1800 COLOUR (265687).

Palm holds PPC at bay

Palm still leads the pack in PDA operating systems, but by an ever-decreasing margin, according to market analyst Inform. Over the past six months, the Palm OS has faced stiff competition from Windows Pocket PC. According to the latest figures, the Palm OS holds 50.7 per cent market share, compared to 48.9 per cent for Pocket PC. Inform attributes the change to the success of Microsoft's Windows Pocket PC 2002 operating system along with the launch of the Compaq iPAQ 3850 and 3870 PDAs. Stellar sales for the two models prompted HP to scrap earlier devices to focus on the two products. Palm dominates the entry level of the market, where the operating system holds 75 per cent market share and most devices are Palm hardware.

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