Manaccom grabs for Internet security market

Manaccom grabs for Internet security market

Brisbane-based software publisher and distributor, Manaccom has taken on board Danu's firewall product in an effort grab a share of the growing Internet security sector.

The TermiNET software, due to hit retail outlets in two weeks at $99, has enormous potential in the Internet space, according to Manaccom business development manager James Mackay. The products' "stealth mode" makes the users PC invisible while browsing the Internet, offering added protection from hackers.

"Danu basically owns the ISP market in Europe and we hope to do the same here," says Mackay.

Manaccom's full focus has been getting the box product on shelves, but the company has every intention of moving into the VAR market. The possibility of ongoing subscriptions with a support regime is being explored and Mackay says Manaccom "doesn't do anything less than 25 per cent margins".

With security becoming a high priority in the notebook sector, Mackay is not ruling out possible OEM opportunities. Fingerprint scans and passwords may protect the PC from physical trespass, but it doesn't stop people getting in via the Internet, he says.

Mackay believes security will be every bit as hot as pundits predict in the coming year. "Anyone who has an antivirus application that they upgrade via the Internet should have a firewall," he explains.

"Internet banking is a killer. [Users are] carrying out financial transactions and entering personal details - it's dangerous stuff."

Worse still, Mackay says that cyber attacks can pass undetected while crippling a company's system. "A hacker could be 'sharing' your server without you're knowledge and accessing sensitive information in the process," he says.

TermiNET runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000 platforms as well as NT and ME.

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