IBM pink slips Lola

IBM pink slips Lola

In the interests of bad taste and the invasion of privacy, two things Tabloid values above all, the latest scurrilous story to come to our attention came from Scientific American, which reported Lynn Conway, formerly Mr Conway, was fired from IBM after it was revealed she had undergone a sex-change operation.

Conway was a computer scientist with Big Blue until IBM had a bit spit at the moral dilemma poised by having a transgendered employee.

Despite working on a secret supercomputer and paving the way for a single CPU to perform multiple operations without interfering with itself, the company in blue suits found Conway to be an unsuitable employee.

That was 30 years ago, and if the Scientific American article is anything to go by, Conway is happy in her position as a role model and public speaker on transgender issues at Michigan University. It's a good thing IBM has progressed since

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