Intel speeds up mobile, desktop Celeron lines

Intel speeds up mobile, desktop Celeron lines

Intel has increased the speed on its low-cost family of chips, releasing a 900MHz Celeron and an 850MHz mobile Celeron processor.

Intel also announced two new versions of its Pentium 4. A 1.8GHz version and a 1.6GHz version of the processor are available now. The new chip speeds bracket the company's most recent Pentium 4 release, the 1.7GHz Pentium 4.

Although at first glance it might seem odd that Intel is following its 1.7GHz model with a 1.6GHz, it's normal business practice for Intel.

"You do that so you have several different processors that (vendors) can pick from so they can build the machine targeted at the price point they want to hit," Manny Vera, an Intel spokesman said.

"We did it with the Pentium II and the Pentium III," Vera said.

Both of the new offerings in the Celeron family feature 128K bytes of on-chip level two cache, Intel said in a statement. In 1,000-unit quantities, the 900MHz Celeron is priced at $US103, while the 850MHz mobile Celeron is priced at $134, the company said.

Intel rival Advanced Micro Devices' fastest offering remains the 1.4GHz Athlon processor in its flagship line, while the fastest offering in the company's low-cost Duron family is 950MHz. The company released both processors last month.

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