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Yet another worm detected by Norman Data Defense Systems’ unique Sandbox technology

  • 18 March, 2004 13:57

<p>The new worm NetSky.M was detected by Norman SandBox. This new worm is similar to the previous worms NetSky.B, Bagle.B and MyDoom.B. which means that users of Norman Virus Control were protected from this threat even before new virus signature files were published.</p>
<p>The Internet worm NetSky.M is –as of this writing - the latest version of the series of NetSky worms distributed on the Internet during a very active period of worm attacks. This variant was detected and removed by Noman SandBox, a technology detecting dangerous code before virus signatures have been released. From the increased activities lately from malicious programs it seems there is an ongoing war with different virus writers fighting each other. One side effect of this ‘war’ is that innocent bystanders – end users and organisations – are getting loads of infected emails.</p>
<p>The virus war seems to have started late January.</p>
<p>The worm MyDoom generated the first round of attacks causing massive global disruption. The next to follow was the worms Bagle and NetSky. Common for all these was they were containing messages to the rival worm writers. The worms contained strings such as: ‘be aware! -&gt;AntiHacker Crew
</p><p>Norman Data Defense Systems mission is to protect its customers as efficient and fast as possible. The traditional way of doing this is by releasing signature-based virus protection as soon as possible after an outbreak. This, of course, is a reaction to an unidentified virus or worm that has already had some time to circulate before a signature is released to stop it.</p>
<p>Norman’s goal in the war against these damaging activities is to be pro-active and stop the malware before it hits any user. Norman SandBox technology is a pro-active technique stopping new and unknown viruses, worms and Trojans.
The increase of new attacks seen on the Internet shows the importance and need for this kind of protection.</p>
<p>Norman Data Defense Systems will continue to increase the Sandbox's ability to detect new malware, to continuously protect users of Norman's security programs in the best possible way!</p>
<p>About Norman Data Defense Systems</p>
<p>Norman ASA is one of the world's leading companies within the field of information security. Norman offers high-quality products and services within the areas of, virus control, personal firewall, anti-spam, encryption, data recovery, data erasure and computer forensic. Today, there are more than 12 million users of Norman's products worldwide. Norman has 220 employees and is represented by subsidiaries and strategic alliances in USA, Europe and Asia/Pacific. The company has a main listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange and its head office is at Lysaker outside Oslo, Norway.</p>
<p>Press Enquiries:</p>
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