System Admin Day (un)officially declared

System Admin Day (un)officially declared

It's official . . . well, almost, but that won't stop thousands of IT managers from whooping it up on July 26, the day slated to become System Administrator Day.

The day is being set aside to commemorate some of the unsung heroes of the IT industry, namely the men and women who spend countless hours keeping computer systems, local area networks and databases (among other things) alive and running.

"Let's face it, system administrators get no respect 364 days a year. This is the day that all fellow system administrators across the globe will be showered with expensive sports cars and large piles of cash in appreciation of their diligent work. But seriously, we are asking for a nice token gift and some public acknowledgement. It's the least you can do.

"Consider all the daunting tasks and long hours (weekends too) they put in. Let's be honest, sometimes we don't know our system administrators as well as they know us. This is one day to recognise your system administrator for their workplace contributions and to promote professional excellence. It's a chance to thank them for all the things they do for you and your business," excerpt taken from the official System Admin Day Web site.

Besides the call for cake and ice cream, system administrators are open to receiving gifts from their appreciative, long-time foes - users. For full details about the day's activities and gift suggestions see

20 things you don't want your system administrator to say:

1. Uh-oh . . .

2. Go get your back-up tape (You do have a backup tape?).

3. What software licence?

4. It didn't do that a minute ago . . .

5. The drive ate the tape but that's okay, I brought my screwdriver.

6. Do you smell something?

7. What do you mean you needed that directory?

8. What did you say your user name was? ;-)9. If I knew it wasn't going to work, I would have tested it sooner.

10. System coming down in 0 minutes . .

11. The back-up procedure works fine, but the restore is tricky.

12. I think we can plug just one more thing in to this outlet strip without tripping the breaker.

13. Boy, it's a lot easier when you know what you're doing.

14. What happens to a hard disk when you drop it?

15. Where did you say those back-up tapes were kept?

16. Don't do that, it'll crash the sys . . . Bugger!

17. Now it's funny you should ask that, because I don't know either.

18. I don't care what he says, I'm not having it on my network.

19. We prefer not to change the root password, it's a nice, easy one.

20. Next week we're ditching these UNIX machines and moving to Windows NT. Now won't that be exciting?

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