PC Briefs: AMD, Palm, Crusoe

PC Briefs: AMD, Palm, Crusoe

AMD's Athlon XP family

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has launched its Athlon XP family of processors, the first to be based on the new chip core formerly codenamed Palomino. The new line of four Athlon XP processors run at clock speeds ranging from 1.33GHz to 1.53GHz, but AMD has decided to take the focus off simple clock speed, naming the new chips Athlon XP 1500+, 1600+, 1700+ and 1800+. The new model numbers are designed to represent the performance of the new chips compared both to previous Athlons and the competition. For example, AMD says the 1800+ outperforms other processors running 1.8GHz, although the chip only runs at 1.53GHz.

PocketPC Vs Palm

While Palm maintains a healthy lead in the handheld operating system market, IDC analysts say Microsoft's new PocketPC operating system has a better chance of finding acceptance among business users. A new IDC study surveyed 1149 purchasing managers and IT managers, of which 158 are planning to support at least 500 handhelds next year. Of those 158, the study found that 36 per cent are either considering or have definite plans to standardise on PocketPC devices for their workforces. The Palm OS appears to be the potential choice of only 20.6 per cent of respondents looking to purchase 500 or more handhelds.

Crusoe chip delayed

Semiconductor maker Transmeta has missed a deadline to ship a new chip to manufacturers for a line of fast, low-powered laptop computers. The company hasn't finished testing its new .13 micron product, dubbed the Crusoe 5800, said Transmeta CEO and president Mark Allen. The vendor had previously claimed it would ship a finished version of the chip to PC makers at the end of September.

The delay means hardware manufacturers won't launch new machines running the chip until sometime next month, Allen said. The 5800 will be available in speeds reaching 800MHz.

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