MIMP migrates Anglicare to wireless VoIP

MIMP migrates Anglicare to wireless VoIP

South Australian integrator MIMP Computer Cable has thrown a lifeline to Anglicare by implementing a wireless Voice over IP (VoIP) network that should cut the community services organisation's telco costs by $95,000 in the first 18 months of operation.

MIMP has begun an extensive migration project to link 15 of Anglicare's offices around Adelaide via a wireless network based on Enterasys Network's RoamAbout technology. The project will enable the charity organisation to standardise its voice and data traffic across a single converged network.

The wireless network provides a 5MB connection between the sites, allowing calls to be made between sites for free. Using Enterasys RoamAbout R2 switches with in-built quality of service, MIMP can prioritise Anglicare's network so that voice traffic is given precedence over accounting, Internet and e-mail applications.

The network includes 16 interlinked Enterasys R2s, some up to 21km apart. Each R2 comes fitted with two access cards, providing an in-built upgrade path for Anglicare. Currently Anglicare uses the 802.11b standard 11MBps card, but it intends to switch to the 802.11g standard 54MBps cards when the standards are completed and approved.

The project enables Anglicare to reduce the number of leased lines it uses from 250 to 70 and six PABXs down to one, according to a company statement.

Anglicare has spent two years evaluating its choice of phone system before deciding on Commander, which provides the organisation's employees with access to unified messaging such as voicemails that can be sent as Wav files to Microsoft Outlook.

According to Daryl Eckermann, Anglicare SA's IT manager, "The integration of the voice and data network will reduce the complexity of the network, allowing us to standardise, reduce our total equipment needs and eliminate points of failure on the technical side which improves our operational success," he said.

Alan Aitchison, general manager of MIMP Computer Cable, said the project is indicative of the type of wireless networks the integrator has been rolling out in the past three years. A vendor-independent wireless integrator, MIMP chose Enterasys based on the quality of its service functionality which allows applications to be prioritised as opposed to just straight IP, said Aitchison.

It is anticipated that the original network will be completely closed down in September.

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