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Imation’s Disc Stakka Saves Time by Finding Discs Within Seconds

  • 22 March, 2004 12:51

<p>New Low-Cost Disc Management and Security Solution</p>
<p>Imation ANZ Pty Ltd next month is launching Disc Stakka, an automated carousel that stores, protects and retrieves discs, including data CDs, DVDs, music and game discs. []</p>
<p>The compact Imation Disc Stakka unit holds up to one hundred 12 cm discs and is linked to a PC or Mac computer via a single USB connection supplying both power and data. Units can be stacked up to five high to create a tower that holds 500 discs without needing additional cables or desk space.</p>
<p>The bundled OpdiTracker™ software can find and eject any disc within seconds — there’s no need to remember where the disc was stored.</p>
<p>Mr Mark Gill, sales and marketing manager for Imation ANZ, said Disc Stakka is ideal for business, studio and home use by providing a disc management solution that means never having to search for discs again and making lost or damaged discs a thing of the past.</p>
<p>“The price tag of $199 is affordable and extremely good value for a system of this quality. Productivity savings alone over the course of a year will more than recoup this investment,” Mr Gill said.</p>
<p>“Larger businesses can expand the system further by creating more than 100 towers that can be linked via powered USB hubs to store, manage and protect over 50,000 discs all from the one computer. And Disc Stakka units can be added or removed from anywhere in the system without having to reboot.</p>
<p>“It has been designed and manufactured in Australia and comes with comprehensive Imation support and a 12-month replacement warranty,” he added.</p>
<p>Imation Disc Stakka comes with the intuitive OpdiTracker database and search engine. When a new data disc is inserted into the computer’s CD or DVD drive, OpdiTracker automatically recognises it and gives users the option to add its name and capture its contents in the database. It can then be stored safely in the Disc Stakka for immediate retrieval at any time. Users can search OpdiTracker’s database of stored discs by title, keyword, directory or file name to find and eject any disc within seconds.</p>
<p>A useful feature of OpdiTracker is its password protection system, which enables businesses and home users to control access to each Disc Stakka unit. The system also allows users to record the name of the person who borrows a disc.</p>
<p>To further enhance Disc Stakka’s functionality, optional OpdiTracker Pro software provides additional search criteria, password protection for individual discs and advanced reporting capabilities.</p>
<p>The Imation Disc Stakka is available from Officeworks and Harris Technology and resellers around Australia. More information and a demonstration is provided at .</p>
<p>[caption for photo: DiscStakka-1.jpg]
Imation’s new Disc Stakka increases productivity in any office and is an effective, low-cost way to manage and protect discs.</p>
<p>[caption for photo: DiscStakka-tower.jpg]
Imation’s new Disc Stakka storage and retrieval system can be stacked up to five units high to create a tower that holds 500 discs using just one USB cable.</p>
<p>About Imation Corp.:</p>
<p>Imation Corp. is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of magnetic and optical removable data storage media. With one of the broadest product lines in the industry-spanning from a few megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes of capacity in each piece of media-Imation serves customers in more than 60 countries, in both business and consumer markets. From large data centres to distributed networks, Imation's tape cartridges are used in data processing, security, business continuity, backup and archiving applications. Customer needs for reliability, convenience and portability to store and manage business data, photos, video, images and music on professional and home desktops and increasingly in consumer electronics devices drive demand for Imation's optical and diskette products. With more than 300 technology scientists and nearly 300 patents in the US alone, Imation continues to pioneer today's proven magnetic and optical media technologies.</p>
<p>As of December 2003, Imation employed approximately 2,800 people worldwide. Revenues from outside the US contribute approximately 54 percent of total sales. Additional information about Imation is available on the company's website at or by calling 1800 225 013.</p>
<p>Further enquiries:
Mr Mark Gill, Sales &amp; Marketing Manager, Imation ANZ Pty Ltd, Level 2, Norwest Quay, 21 Solent Circuit, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153. Tel: (02) 8858 3000. Fax: (02) 8858 3070. Email:</p>
<p>Issued on behalf of Imation ANZ by WMC Public Relations Pty Ltd. Contact Wendy McWilliams on (03) 9803 2588. Fax: (03) 9803 1890. E:</p>
<p>Photos can be downloaded from</p>
<p>Dear IDG editor/journalist,</p>
<p>If you would like a Disc Stakka to trial, test, review or examine please let me know and I’ll organise for one to be sent to you. The Mac software will be available mid May with a beta version on the web site available for downloading before then.</p>
<p>A recent report that may be of interest to you (and your readers) addresses the care and handling of CDs and DVDs, which is published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (an arm of the US Government's Department of Commerce) and the Council on Library and Resources in Washington.</p>
<p>It says “The polycarbonate (the clear plastic that makes up most of the disc) may also flex or bend if stored for a long period of time in a non-vertical position” and advises “ Do not expose recordable discs to prolonged sunlight or other sources of ultraviolet light”. The solution to extend the life of discs is to store them in a unit that keeps them in a vertical position, like books on a shelf. The Imation Disc Stakka stores discs in this way, thereby providing the ultimate protection for valuable optical media.</p>
<p>The report can be viewed at:</p>

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