EDITORIAL: 10-year triumph

EDITORIAL: 10-year triumph

In the grand scheme of this planet's multimillion-year history, 10 years is not much more than a blink of the eye, but in the burgeoning, fast-paced IT industry it is a virtual millennium.

It is now just two weeks until we publish the 10th anniversary edition of Australian Reseller News. We are proud to be passing such a milestone and intend to get as close to breaking out in song and dance as the print medium permits.

Our 10th anniversary special will be a celebration of the milestone and the champions who led the way. It will be a reflection on the products, events and companies that turned a diverse group of businesses into a viable, vital community. It will also be a record of where we have come from as a community and what we have achieved.

Back in 1992, the IT distribution channel was already alive and well, but drifting along as if rudderless. When IDG Communications started publishing information specifically for Australians who were in the business of buying, adding value and reselling technology, there was no sense of community.

There was no forum where news and opinions servicing the unique needs and requirements of the channel could be voiced. There was no champion defending the interests of the many small, medium and large enterprises that were taking technology to the people and the industries that would benefit from it the most.

There was no independent publication that prioritised the channel as its audience and worked tirelessly at securing its welfare and prosperity. It was a brave move by IDG to invest in a publication that would address these deficiencies in the market. ARN is the child of that valiant endeavour which many insisted would never succeed. That baby has reached double figures.

We are very excited about our upcoming 10th anniversary commemorative issue and the rest of the channel community should be too. It is going to be very special and it is not too late for all of you to be involved.

We are going to use the combined knowledge and experience of nearly two dozen high-profile channel stalwarts to help us build a comprehensive history of the channel in Australia. We are confident that this will make the issue one that readers will want to read thoroughly and keep for future reference.

However, we also want to hear from any other members of the channel community who have a quirky anecdote, fond memory or favourite event relevant to the history of the channel in Australia. We would like to make space available for some of the lesser-known members of the community, so if you have any winners, sinners or grinners you feel should be mentioned, just fire an e-mail to me. Tell me a good story or two and I'll find room to publish it.

Back in the dawn of the 1990s, ARN was launched with a mission statement that read, in part, "to make the channel more successful". We adhere to that objective as closely today as ever. Therein lies the reason for ARN's current status in the channel as a community leader.

By delivering a solid mix of market trends, business opportunities, peer reviews and partnering deals, the publication has been making readers more successful for over a decade.

As we pass 10 years, we see the channel becoming increasingly strong, healthy and united. We look forward to the next decade and will vigilantly serve as both a journal of record and agenda setter for the channel of the future.

We may not outlast the crocodile or the cockroach, but in just 10 years, we have already seen off a dot-com boom, a direct-selling threat and the dot-matrix printer. What will the next decade bring?

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