Company Profile: LAN Systems

Company Profile: LAN Systems

Founded in 1990, LAN Systems addressed the growing need for a specialist channel services company in the market. Working solely through resellers, and focusing on deploying emerging technologies at the forefront of the user adoption cycle, LAN Systems has successfully brought a range of innovative products to the Australian marketplace Our whole-of-service approach equips channel partners with the tools, knowledge and expertise to deliver end-to-end solutions from prominent hardware and software vendors.

LAN Systems success is largely attributed to our company ethos. SKILSPACE is our universal work ethic and the skills that define our culture. It stands for Service, Knowledge, Information, Logistics, Speed, Precision, Action, Consistency, and Economy. SKILSPACE represents the spirit, performance environment and improvement metric in which we work at LAN Systems. Equally, LAN Systems insists on mutually ethical relationships with its vendors, channel partners and industry alliance partners.

Together with SKILSPACE, our company SHARED VALUES are Leadership, Respect, Strength, Service and Innovation.

These are the values at the heart of LAN Systems employees and the reason for our success. The biggest testament to this, are the quotes from LAN Systems staff themselves . . .

"Working at LAN Systems is very much like when you were a kid and you had cool parents that let you try new things and be adventurous without being wrapped up in cotton wool . . ."

Ty Star

"LAN Systems has broadened my horizons and has certainly taken me to places I have never imagined going" Jillian Watson"LAN Systems is my passion because it has been able to grow as a company at an enormous rate but still keep a strong sense of commitment to the value proposition that we started out with!"

Sarah Nilsen

"It's the people that make the place (and) the people I work with are fantastic, most of the time!! You spend so much of your life at work . . . I'm lucky that the people I work with work as a team (and that) makes life a lot easier."

Natalie Gilbert

"LAN encourages and respects individuality and innovation, and provides inspiring leadership and mentors. Growth and development of staff is the bottom line."

Rebekah Raymond

"Having worked for one of the then Big 2 Distibutors in Australia I initially saw my decision to join LAN Systems as a gamble. It's a gamble that has paid huge dividends to me not only financially, but also in terms of my own development professionally and personally. In the two years that I've been with the company, the time, effort and encouragement invested in me by my peers, is unlike anything I have experienced during my six years in the IT industry. Many companies say that their employees are their greatest asset but LAN Systems is the first company I've worked for that actually takes this statement seriously. Our staff turnover rate is all you have to look at. Maybe that's a large reason why the Big 2 is now the Big 3!!"

Adrian Buttery

"We have a wonderful team environment, the staff really like each other, and we like what we do - which our customers can see . . . that's why we have such a great rapport with them."

Rennee Owens

"LAN systems - leave your inhibitions at the door and have a good time. We all do!"

Michael Fisher on LAN parties!

"The people and environment are definitely what make LAN Systems a great place to work . . . It takes a truly great group of people to create a humorous and fun working environment, which once experienced by others is the envy of all."

Serena Stanton

"I LOVE working at LAN Systems because it's full of focused and innovative people. We are all encouraged to "think outside the square" and find better ways of doing things."

Elemer Szorkovszky

LAN Systems

Contact: Nick Verykios

3/39 Herbert St Leonards NSW 2065

Phone: (02) 9432 1000


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