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New software leads the way in Reporting Energy Usage in a potential Carbon Economy

SOE Software Pty Ltd today announced their release of the Energy Module of their Energy Management System Software
  • 13 March, 2009 15:52

<p>SOE Softwares new energy management system leads the way in software development, demonstrating the capability to manage, measure, monitor, report and assist corporate behavioural change towards managing energy.</p>
<p>Gearing up for the potential 2010 Emissions Trading Scheme, organisation can now take advantage of the Energy Module’s ‘out of the box’ reporting features or tailor a solution to suit the individual organisation through their utilisation of NGER or other style of reporting.</p>
<p>With the ability to accurately report real time baseline energy usage management can now accurately evaluate the success or failure of any single energy reduction initiative and measure the success rate of energy saving project initiatives against ‘best practise’</p>
<p>The underlying software technology assists the facilitation of organisation behavioural change in respect of energy usage. Illustrative desktop icons display real time energy corporate consumption rates and assist in the promotion of personalised energy messages through to all employees.</p>
<p>This solution enables the monitoring and reporting of the energy consumed by operations at each physical location enabling key financial operators within the organisation to manage energy use as they do for other key cost components.</p>
<p>Corporations can now take advantage of changes to current electricity charging methods and manage electricity demand pro-actively and therefore modify business operations by taking advantage of time-of-day demand curve rates.</p>
<p>Targets for energy reduction vary, but the Climate Institute has recently released a report indicating that the potential for businesses to reduce greenhouse emissions could range from a minimum of 10% to a high of 70%.</p>
<p>If you could drive energy efficiencies, automate energy reports, educate employees and reduce your annual electricity operational expense by 20%, how much would you save?</p>
<p>Product launch registration available through website</p>

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