LAN switch boasts rate-limiting

LAN switch boasts rate-limiting

MiLAN Technology this week at Comdex Canada announced the MIL-S3580, a 24-port Layer 2 switch that can limit traffic rates on a per-port basis.

Traffic on the MIL-S3580's 24 ports of 10/100M bit/sec Ethernet can be set to eight different "levels" or speeds between 10M and 100M bit/sec per connection. Traffic on virtual LAN (VLAN) segments on the ports can also be rate-limited based on the eight levels. Traffic speeds through ports and VLANs can be adjusted separately for ingress and egress network traffic.

In addition to the Fast Ethernet ports, the switch also has two Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) slots for inserting 1000Base-T, -SX or -LX uplinks, or Fast Ethernet GBIC uplinks. The box supports management tools such as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Remote Monitoring (RMON) and port mirroring.

MiLAN is targeting the MIL-S3580 as both a desktop switch for small businesses and a customer premise equipment (CPE) switch for service providers that offer Ethernet-based network services and Internet access to multi-tenant and multi-dwelling buildings, such as office parks and high-rise apartment buildings.

Products competing against the MIL-S3580 in both the enterprise and carrier CPE markets include 3Com's SuperStack 3 Switch 4400, Foundry Networks' FastIron Edge Switch and Cisco's Catalyst 2900 series. Nortel Networks' BayStack 350 series, Avaya's Cajun P330 and HP's ProcCurve stackable switches are also comparable products.

The MIL-S3580 is available now and selling in the North America for US$1,190.

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