Projectors loom large on sales forecast

Projectors loom large on sales forecast

Despite fierce competition from a number of top-name vendors, BenQ believes the projector market holds loads of opportunities for the channel.

"We are working quite heavily with the channel to bring the numbers up," said marketing manager Kamil Gurgen. "The projector market is the place to be at the moment. Pricing has dropped -- a few years ago it would cost more than $12,000 to get a 600 ANSI (lumens brightness) product. Now you can get a brighter, smaller product at half the price."

BenQ currently values the projector market at around 22,000 units a year and plans to double its projector business this year. The vendor recently introduced two new products to its line -- a windscreen digital light processing (DLP) video projector for the home theatre market and an ultra-slim model for business applications.

The company also plans to introduce wireless projectors, featuring 802.11b technology, in the next few months.

"We are just waiting for the A-tick to come through and we are ready to go," Gurgen said.

Wireless technology will become the drawstring of the company's product range.

"We are trying to consolidate wireless at the heart of our technologies, connecting a range of different devices."

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