What's new from: KaVaDo, Secure Computing, Teros, NetScreen Technologies, Check Point Software, Symantec

What's new from: KaVaDo, Secure Computing, Teros, NetScreen Technologies, Check Point Software, Symantec


InterDo 3.0, KaVaDo’s Web application firewall, monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic preventing threats to critical back-end infrastructure. Based on KaVaDo’s patent-pending Protected-Path technology, InterDo automatically recognises and blocks both known and unknown attacks. It secures most kinds of Web application without the need to modify application servers or install additional software. Using KaVaDo’s patent-pending AutoPolicy tech­nology, InterDo can be automatically configured through a security policy generated by KaVaDo’s ScanDo. InterDo delivers real-time alerts related to system security and activity, and provides tables and charts for viewing Web traffic, security violations and other system statistics. InterDo’s modular Security Pipe scan be applied in any number of combinations to suit the exact security needs of the application. InterDo complements existing security measures such as intrusion detection systems and network firewalls by protecting against attacks that otherwise go unnoticed until damage is done. In an environment of rapid technological change, InterDo’s open architecture is designed to meet the unforeseen security needs of the future. KaVaDo’s teams of engineers continually research application-layer security needs in order to provide systems with up-to-the-minute functionality updates. InterDo is compatible with Solaris, Linux, and Windows operating systems. It is available on CD or as a rack-mountable appliance. KaVaDo Enterprise Edition is distributed in Australia by TechPlus Distribution. RRP: Starts from $15,000 (inc. GST).

Secure Computing

Designed for enterprise customers, Secure Computing’s Sidewinder G2 Firewall provides a simple Power-It-On deployment process that drops seamlessly into any IP network and is based on the SecureOS UNIX operating system. The G2 Firewall and VPN gateway improves manageability and lets you say goodbye to emergency security patches without sacrificing performance. Sidewinder G2’s hybrid, tunable architecture encompasses the entire range of firewall security mechanisms, including stateful inspection, circuit level proxies, application proxies, secured servers, and real-time Strikeback« intrusion detection and automated response in one simple, cost-effective package. A single-site or enterprise-wide deployment of Sidewinder G2þ firewalls can be centrally managed from any Windows platform, anywhere. The Sidewinder G2 Firewall Appliance includes VPN and also includes a 1 user license of the SoftRemote VPN client. The Sidewinder G2 is distributed in Australia by Dovetail Distribution. RRP: Sidewinder G2 Firewall Appliance, Model 25, 25 Users, including VPN, 1U — $9190.


The Teros-100 APS firewall appliance is an enterprise security solution that provides real-time protection for Web-based applications. The APS provides protection for all 16 web vulnerability classes, including unknown or “zero-day” attacks. The Teros APS runs on the Teros-100 Secure Application Gateway, a hardened appliance that installs in about an hour. The Teros APS positive security model has never been broken, even after extensive third party testing and hacking. The APS automatically analyses application traffic and develops rules to allow for variations in even the most complex applications, but generalises the rules to manageable number for implementation (generally 10-20 rules). The APS can typically be installed in a day and deployed in a week if needed and scaled to suit even the largest high-volume environments. The device reduces the cost of server patching, web code QA and ongoing device maintenance and can accelerate network performance and reduce the number of web servers, the vendor claims. The APS is distributed in Australia by ChannelWorx. RRP: Starts from $65,000 (ex. GST).

NetScreen Technologies

The NetScreen-5GT is a feature rich enterprise-class network security solution with one Untrust 10/100 Ethernet port and four Trust 10/100 Ethernet ports. Using the same firewall, VPN and Deep Inspection application-aware technology as NetScreen’s high-end enterprise products, the NetScreen-GT is fully capable of securing a remote office, retail outlet or broadband telecommuter. The NetScreen-5GT incorporates embedded virus scanning using Trend Micro’s anti-virus technology. The NetScreen-5GT with AV is a feature rich enterprise-class network security solution for enterprises to effectively secure remote sites, retail outlets and broadband telecommuters. In one integrated appliance it provides firewall, VPN, IDP, denial of service protection and antivirus scanning using Trend Micro’s antivirus technology. The NetScreen-5GT offers 75 Mbps firewall throughput and 20 Mbps 3DES VPN performance. It supports up to 10 IPSec VPN tunnels and up to 2,000 sessions. The NetScreen-5GT also includes five 10/100 auto-sensing, auto-correcting trust/untrust ports, a management console and modem port. The NetScreen-5GT is available now through Alston IT, ChannelWorx and LAN Systems. RRP: From $500 per month.

Check Point Software

Check Point Software’s Check Point Express is a comprehensive VPN/security solution especially designed for mid-sized businesses with up to 500 users. Check Point Express delivers firewall, VPN, network and application attack protection and multi-site, centralised management that provides customers with high levels of protection with minimal dedicated personnel. Check Point Express features VPN-1/FireWall-1 Next Generation with Application Intelligence for protecting the privacy of business communications over the Internet while securing critical network resources against attacks and unauthorized access at both the network and application level. Express also features VPN-1 SecuRemote for encrypting and authenticating data, SmartDefense for a dedicated means of attack protection and response, and SmartCenter for centrally deploying and managing all aspects of a security infrastructure. Check Point Express is available on all “Secured by Check Point” appliances running Check Point Next Generation with Application Intelligence. Other platform options include Check Point SecurePlatform and Windows, Unix and Linux servers. Check Point Express is available through Express Data, Alstom IT and LAN Systems. RRP: Starts from $1500 (for 50 IP addresses).


Symantec Enterprise Firewall 7.0 protects enterprise assets and business transactions by ensuring fast and secure connections with the Internet and between networks. A hybrid firewall, it both secures network perimeters that are vulnerable to malicious attacks and delivers strong intrusion protection without interfering with the customer’s day-to-day business. It features continuous automatic system hardening to minimise risks and vulnerabilities. Strong user-authentication alternatives, such as such as Defender, Radius, Digital Certificates, LDAP, and NT domain authentication, provide users with the flexibility to use existing security databases. Through its optional, standards-based Symantec Enterprise VPN it can also provide high-speed connectivity between offices and for mobile workers. And to enable the system uptime and scalable throughput required for today’s network transactions, Symantec Enterprise Firewall offers a choice of hardware- or software-based high-availability and load balancing solutions as well as integrated Web content filtering. Developed for Windows and Solaris, Symantec Enterprise Firewall offers an intuitive interface and a range of tools for configuration, management and maintenance. From a central console, administrators can manage security policies for both local and remote firewalls and obtain a variety of security logs and management reports. Symantec Enterprise Firewall 7.0 is distributed in Australia by Express Data and Tech Pacific. RRP: Starts from $3535 (inc. GST).

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