yARN: $300 is the new hot number

yARN: $300 is the new hot number

Making the most of Rudd's relief

We’re a month away from that tantalising $900 that Rudd’s going to be kind enough to drop into our bank accounts, and with his express permission to go and blow it on whatever we like, retailers will surely be rubbing their hands together in glee.

Perhaps the most brilliant move yet by the industry is Kevin37. It’s priced just right, and actually plays right into the naysayers that claim the money is “just going to go into new TVs”. I have no doubt that, come April, it’ll sell just fine.

It makes me wonder how many retail outlets will play smart with similar marketing pushes in April. There’s evidence that the last stimulus package, which arrived in time for Christmas, did help things, and it was on a much smaller scale.

In entertainment, I can’t help but notice that Nintendo has conveniently priced the DSi console for release in April at $300. (For those out of the loop, the DSi is a slightly better, but much more expensive update on the wildly popular original DS handheld console). For many families, that’s enough for one for each child.

In the next month, I foresee many consumer gadgets either being released, or being placed “on sale” under the following prices: $900, $450, $300, and, for the higher-end, $1800 (after all, families and dual income couples are getting the Ruddbucks too). Nice round numbers that make very attractive targets for that $900 arrow.

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