PC briefs: Samsung, Rambus, Adaptec

PC briefs: Samsung, Rambus, Adaptec

Samsung's chips down

Samsung Electronics, South Korea's largest electronics maker, has announced sharply lower third-quarter earnings, almost entirely attributable to a large drop in memory chip sales amid a global slump in the semiconductor sector. Unaudited figures reported by the company included net profit for the quarter of 420 billion won ($A634.7 million) and pre-tax profit of 310 billion won ($468.5 million). At the root of the drop in sales were plummeting prices in the memory chip market. Prices have been dropping for over a year, costing millions of dollars to all major memory chipmakers and prompting some to pull out of the market completely.

Rambus ups data speed

Rambus has developed a new signalling technology that could boost the speed at which data can travel between chips inside a PC. Code-named "Yellowstone", the technology allows data to be shuttled around more quickly inside a PC. It could potentially help keep pace with the faster microprocessors coming to market each month. Rambus wouldn't say when the technology will hit the market, but said it could be used to boost performance in desktop PCs, notebooks and servers, as well as mobile gadgets. When it does appear, Yellowstone initially will support data transfer rates of 3.2GHz, although Rambus hopes to push the technology to 6.4GHz.

Adaptec aims for white box server marketAdaptec has announced the availability of two RAID (ZCR) controllers priced to give white-box server manufacturers a leg-up in the market. The vendor claims that the new controllers, priced at $699 including GST, will save white-box server manufacturers around $200. "What we're seeing in the market is intense price pressure from branded servers," said Adaptec country manager Demetri Christodoulou. To combat this, Adaptec is engaging in cooperative marketing and promotions activities with motherboard manufacturers on a global basis.

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