Are you a business Twit?

Are you a business Twit?

Captain Kirk, Britney and Barrack beckon


Kevin 24/7 does it and so does Malcolm of the opposition. Britney and Barrack are also on-board, joined by the stellar crowd of William Shatner and MC Hammer. Twitter certainly attracts an eclectic bunch of users as it does a generally flattering amount of press.

But I’m not convinced most Australians are that keen on the micro-blogging service – especially in the business world and with the restrictive mobile phone contracts we are stuck with. It’s clearly great for self promotion and keeping friends and family up to speed on your movements, but unless you’re desperate to show your tech-savviness, I don’t see how Twittering can ever be better than IM or an old-fashioned email in a business context.

We just did an online poll of how people use the Twitter service and 71 per cent said they didn’t use it all. Only 15 per cent nominated a business use. I signed up and used it for about a day, then lost interest.

Sure it can be fun to see what a celeb has been doing and perhaps, if you are that way inclined, your favourite pollie. But aside from out and out advertising, I don’t think many CEOs or other senior management-types would want to let people know their movements – at least not the important ones.

And, until clients or even the general public can see what is happening – without the marketing guff – at some of the companies they take an interest in, I don’t think Twitter will play a substantial role within the four walls of Australian companies.

Twitter’s essence is as an information service and yes, companies may use it to promote themselves. But unless you are interested in another (limited) marketing channel, it doesn’t really hold that much for a company as the service currently stands.

Perhaps, if we started to see Ricky Ponting mid-test or Chopper Read mid-whatever he is doing now twit away there might be a spike in interest in Australia. Add in a Sol Trujillo twit and perhaps a business version might get developed. Until then I think the business community is stuck watching wanna-bes. What do you think?

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