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AVG launches new protection against identity theft

AVG (AU/NZ) today announced AVG Identity Protection (IDP) which gives computer users an additional layer of protection on top of their existing security software. IDP is specifically focused on helping to prevent thieves from using carefully-targeted attacks to steal passwords, bank account details, credit card numbers, and other digital valuables.
  • 03 March, 2009 11:13

<p>AVG Technologies today has announced a new product, AVG Identity Protection (IDP); plus major upgrades to AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 8.5, AVG Internet Security 8.5, and the entire AVG product range for consumers, small business and enterprises. (See separate releases for AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 8.5, AVG Internet Security 8.5 with IDP and AVG E-Mail Server 8.5.)</p>
<p>Identity theft is now the number one Internet-based crime, costing computer users more than US$50 billion in the US and UK alone. In Australia the cost of identity theft is estimated to be more than A$1.5 billion. To help users protect their personal and private information online, AVG Technologies, developer of the world’s leading free computer security product, today introduces AVG Identity Protection (IDP).</p>
<p>AVG Identity Protection gives computer users an additional layer of protection on top of their existing security software. IDP is specifically focused on helping to prevent thieves from using carefully-targeted attacks to steal passwords, bank account details, credit card numbers, and other digital valuables. It uses a technology called behavioural analysis to make sure all the programs running on a user’s computer are operating the way they should. If it spots something suspicious that could indicate an attempted ID theft attack, it shuts that activity down, preventing any possible theft from happening. It doesn’t matter whether users are running AVG software or security software from another vendor; IDP runs smoothly alongside all popular programs to keep users safer when they’re online.</p>
<p>“Computer users need to be confident that, when they’re banking and shopping online, they won’t become a victim of identity theft,” says AVG Technologies CEO J.R. Smith. “Anti-virus alone can’t give users the level of security people need in today’s complex, fast-moving threat landscape. AVG Identity Protection gives them the confidence that they’re safe from the bad guys.”</p>
<p>A peek under the hood
AVG Identity Protection is based around the technology AVG acquired when it bought the Sana Security company earlier this year. This technology helps to prevent identity-related attacks by analysing the behaviour and characteristics of malicious programs and using the knowledge gained to create protection that doesn’t require “signature updates” to stay current. The software is continuously learning and improving its protection, based on information drawn from real threats encountered by real users, ensuring that users are always protected against new and unknown threats.</p>
<p>“Tens of thousands of new virus samples arrive in security companies’ labs every day,” says AVG Technologies CTO Karel Obluk. “It is simply not feasible for traditional signature-based anti-virus to keep up with this level of activity from the bad guys. So while it’s important to continue to use anti-virus to protect against the known viruses that are out there ‘in the wild’, it’s vital for users to have an additional protective layer against the unknown.”</p>
<p>Product availability and pricing
AVG Identity Protection is priced at A$33.99 for a one year, single user licence. This includes free telephone support during Melbourne business hours, backed up by free 24/7 technical support by e-mail.</p>
<p>AVG Identity Protection and the rest of the AVG 8.5 product range is available for purchase and download from, plus throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific through a network of more than 2100 independent software resellers.</p>
<p>For more information on the complete range of AVG 8.5 security products for consumers and small businesses, please visit</p>
<p>Follow AVG on</p>
<p>About AVG Technologies
AVG is a global security solutions leader protecting more than 80 million consumers and small business computer users in 167 countries from the ever-growing incidence of web threats, viruses, spam, cyber-scams and hackers on the Internet. Headquartered in Amsterdam, AVG has nearly two decades of experience in combating cyber crime and one of the most advanced laboratories for detecting, pre-empting and combating Web-borne threats from around the world. Its free online, downloadable software model allows entry-level users to gain basic anti-virus protection and then to easily and inexpensively upgrade to greater levels of safety and defence in both single and multi-user environments. Nearly 6,000 resellers, partners and distributors team with AVG globally including, CNET, Cisco, Ingram Micro,, Wal-Mart, and Yahoo!. More information is available at</p>
<p>About AVG (AU/NZ) Pty Ltd —
Based in Melbourne, AVG (AU/NZ) Pty Ltd is the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific distributor of the AVG range of Anti-Virus and Internet Security products. AVG solutions provide comprehensive real-time protection against everything from viruses, spam, spyware, adware, worms, Trojans, phishing and exploits to cyber-criminals, hackers, scammers and identity thieves. AVG products actively protect more than 80 million users worldwide, providing outstanding technical solutions and exceptional value for home, small to medium business and enterprise clients. AVG provides always-on, always up-to-date protection across desktops, servers and email in the home plus corporations, government agencies, utilities and educational institutions.</p>
<p>AVG (AU/NZ) has more than 2100 resellers across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.</p>
<p>For more detailed information please contact:
Lloyd Borrett AVG (AU/NZ) 03 9581 0807
Shuna Boyd BoydPR 02 9418 8100</p>

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