Retail briefs: Office XP, Ubi Soft, QV Software

Retail briefs: Office XP, Ubi Soft, QV Software

MS student discount

Microsoft Australia has announced educational pricing for Office XP to gain a stronger foothold in the home-user market. Until December 25, Office XP will be on sale to students from anywhere between kindergarten and Year 12 at around 70 per cent off the recommended retail price. It will also be bundled with a six-month subscription to's SchoolKit Enactz, a learning tool that uses Office XP templates to complete class activities. Educational resellers around Australia will offer the bundle at $366 for Office XP Professional edition (normally $1288), $304 for Office XP Standard edition (normally $1072) and $299 for Office for Mac (normally $999).

Pools of cancellations

Games publisher Ubi Soft Entertainment has delayed the distribution of its highly anticipated title, Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor, after US users found the title incompatible with certain PC configurations and operating systems. Due for release in Australia soon after the US release, Ubi Soft has withdrawn all stock from the market until a new master disk arrives to ensure retailers are selling the highest-quality version. One retailer who asked not to be named said his store was still receiving expressions of interest in the game along with cancelled orders. "It's a brilliant title with a bad stigma," he said. "It is early days to decide how many to cancel."

Santa's early QV visit

Software distributor QV Software is gearing up for the Christmas rush with a range of new games and lifestyle/education software. The distributor has got a new range of titles expected to appeal to the female gender, with Nancy Drew Adventure Series for girls aged 10+ and Beauty Studio for those girls wanting to experiment with makeovers online. But the boys haven't been left out this Christmas either, with a range of games such as Pearl Harbour - Zero Hour, Exploman, Cossacks, Sudden Strike and Mystery of the Druids hitting the shelves.

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