yARN: What happened to my warranty?

yARN: What happened to my warranty?

What happens when there are problems?

Warranties have always been a sticking point for the industry. Almost every vendor offers some sort of warranty terms and conditions with their products, and if they don’t, well, you probably wouldn’t buy from them. But how valid are they and do they actually stand up when a customer tries to stake a claim?

Some vendors are pretty consistent and will stick to the terms. But what if three years after buying a product, and the distributor or - even worse - the vendor completely disappears from the market, what then? It leaves resellers and their customers in the lurch and without the ability to stake a claim when the product fails or parts of it no longer function the way they should.

There are plenty of stories around about vendors not honouring warranty terms and the conditions they’ve set, leaving resellers and their customers high and dry.

Recently, a reseller sent through an email detailing his warranty woes. It was about a monitor that was sold to his customer including the vendor’s three-year pick up, repair and return warranty.

The reseller had purchased the monitor product through a distributor, which had sourced it through an Australian importer of the brand, but the importer has now shut up shop.

The brand’s other Australian distributor will not accept the warranty claim because the product was not sold by them directly. Does this then render the warranty completely meaningless and what’s a reseller to do?

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