Riding high into the New Year

Riding high into the New Year

Express Data general manager of sales, Mal Shaw, kicked off his channel career selling multi-user accounting systems for a Sydney reseller. He spoke to ARN about the distributor’s plans for the New Year as well as his love of sailing and cycling.

Is the economic situation going to change your go-to-market strategy in the New Year?

It’s difficult to predict the New Year. We know what the quarter looks like to the end of December and have a little bit of an idea next quarter. We are seeing a counter-trend, which is related to the decline of the exchange rate since July. One of the impacts is price increases, which has brought orders forward. We still have strong orders in the current environment, but we do think January could be quieter and into the year. We have had a consistent plan we’ve been sticking to over the last few years and will keep to that. We think state and Federal Government spending will increase, so hopefully that will be good for our industry.

What do you see as the next big thing?

There are probably two next big things. One of them is video – we have a big networking business and have been involved in LAN, WAN and the move of telephony onto IP networks over the last few years. The next wave in regard to that is video, which clearly has a high bandwidth requirement. The other one is cloud computing, or subscription-based access to applications and a paradigm shift in the way software is used and delivered. There are two places the channel can play: We think end-users will probably use a mix of application sources and have some on premise applications, while others are provided by a SaaS provider, or they might use applications from several SaaS providers. The channel’s role is to try and deliver integration between on premise for example, with applications or Web services, as well as telephony and collaborationtools. We also think our tier-two channel has a role to play in managing usage and billing via resellers to users.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I spend time with my family – we have young kids, and I enjoy spending time with them. I also cycle and have been riding mountain and road bikes for the last seven years. In the last few years, we have done two charity rides through work: Kilometres 4 Kids last year from Sydney to Melbourne; and Kilometres 4 Kids this year which was from Sydney to the Hunter Valley and back.

How did you get into cycling?

Ross got me into road riding and challenged me to the first ride around the bay in Melbourne three years ago, which was about 210km. I used to do a lot of water sports and racing offshore yachts off and on for 15 years. I raced 40-foot yachts out of Sydney to Southport, Cabbage Tree Island, Bird Island and Sydney to Hobart. I was bowman and put all the spinnakers up. I actually got involved because it is a great example of the challenge of team work. When I moved to Melbourne, I wasn’t near the water, so got into mountain bike riding as there are a lot of national parks near where we live.

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