eseller dives into Telstra channel

eseller dives into Telstra channel

SME networking services company eseller has joined the ranks of some of the biggest industry players, being named as a Total Solutions Provider by telecommunications giant Telstra.

The growth over the last 12 months prompted eseller directors to restructure the company into three divisions; hardware and software fulfilment, Web design and data and network security.

Since then, Cisco sales in the division have increased by around 90 per cent, and Telstra sales by 100 per cent, according to recently appointed manager of eseller's data and network security business unit, Paul Caselli. Its success prompted Telstra to promote the company to a Fixednet dealer to sell the telco's suite of products. Within months, this partnership had been upgraded to a Telstra Solutions Provider. eseller is one of a handful of network providers in the country to be given the role.

Caselli predicts the division will grow 50 per cent within the next 12 months. "We can now handle the total solution for the client, so we can sell ADSL, Frame Relay, ISDN or Satellite services, but we can also build hardware. The beauty is customers can implement the whole scope of solutions without having to shop around. Now we can sell for and with Telstra."

The partnership also means eseller will be able to work in conjunction with Telstra to help close implementation contracts. The advantage of this, according to Caselli, is the skillset eseller representatives take to the table in terms of networking knowledge.

"We are a small organisation that has been in business two or three years but we have grown from strength to strength," he said. "This puts us in the same league as the Nortels of this world, but those businesses target the large, corporate customers. We don't want that."

Instead, eseller will continue to service its core client base and one of the sector's fastest growing markets -- Australian small and medium business. "We are looking at around 700 nodes and below. The big guys can look after the 1000 nodes and up.

"It is a big growth area but I have to point out that we are one of a handful of Telstra Service Partners. I think we were chosen on our great success with Telstra and Cisco products," Caselli said, adding the rapid rise from Telstra's Fixednet dealership to solutions partner was largely based on the company's ability to integrate across the board networking solutions. Having Telstra as a player will provide follow-on sales for eseller's other business divisions. eseller will be able to leverage off the big names of Telstra and Cisco to increase its own company profile in the market.

"The biggest challenge comes from trying to find enough hours in the day to contact the various departmental sales staff at an organisation as large as Telstra," he said. "It is critical for both our customers and eseller that we work with the right people at Telstra to ensure that a total range of solutions and options are presented."

The partnership with Telstra provides eseller with a plan and strategy to bring these solutions to market, he said.

"We can handle the design, supply and implementation of data networking solutions due to our drive to consistently train our staff, and our core objective of ultimate customer service and support."

Photograph: eseller's Paul Caselli.

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