Telstra partners boosted by 21Mbps modem

Telstra partners boosted by 21Mbps modem

Telco's new 21Mbps mobile modem can help customers increase productivity and reduce costs, while giving mobility resellers a boost

Telstra has introduced a 21Mbps peak rated mobile broadband modem

Telstra has introduced a 21Mbps peak rated mobile broadband modem

Telstra partners have applauded the telco’s introduction of a 21Mbps peak rated mobile broadband modem as providing a much-needed boost to mobility solution providers.

The new modem, Telstra Turbo 21, will be available on the Next G network from February 23, with peak network speeds to increase to 42Mbps “later in the year”, Telstra said.

The modems will be provided “to some business customers” followed by a consumer offering in April. Telstra is yet to clarify which customers will be served first and said the new device will see typical download speeds of 8Mbps.

Founder and CEO of Telstra distributor Techhead Interactive, Tim Fussell, said he was looking forward to pushing the new product as it could boost slow data speeds.

“I think one of the big things that’s becoming more and more attractive as data speeds get better, is remote working solutions become that much more compelling. Anyone with a requirement to work in the field is going to reap the benefits from it” he said.

“Also these data speeds are creating lots of opportunities for products like redundant Internet connections, remote site offices, and obviously the product is fast enough to run voice and video conferencing over the same connection. There is still a hell of a lot of people out there who can’t get a decent fixed line connection.”

ICT managing director, Ben O’Leary, said the new modem offered a tremendous opportunity to the IT reseller community as convergence started to take off, and customers looked to increase productivity and reduce costs through technologies such as video conferencing and remote working.

“Probably the most relevant area or additional pipeline that will become relevant, are things more to do with content than applications, so the ability to access your CRM system out in the field or a variety of other applications coming down the pipe,” he said.

“That whole product arena is growing rapidly. You can see it with Apple selling applications for the iPhone, BlackBerry selling applications for their devices, etc. There are more and more opportunities for IT resellers to sell mobile broadband and other devices, it’s just becoming all intertwined.”

Telco analyst Paul Budde, welcomed the potential for higher speed application serving, video conferencing and downloading presented by the new 21Mbps modem, but said adoption would depend on Telstra offering more affordable data rates.

Telstra did not respond to requests for comment.

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