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New MySpot SOS Smartphone Application Combines GSM Triangulation and GPS Tracking for Lone Workers

  • 11 February, 2009 12:22

<p>PRESS RELEASE: Sydney Wednesday February 11</p>
<p>Australian Location Based Services (LBS) specialist PhantomEye – a global satellite tracking, monitoring and surveillance company – this week launched a much more powerful business version of its successful MySpot “personal tracking and duress” system by adding GSM triangulation and a 24 hour automatic SOS calling to its GPS Satellite tracking “panic button” smartphone capabilities.</p>
<p>A company spokesman denied that the launch of Google Inc’s new mapping application “Latitude” last week was “serious” competition or that MySpot would be affected by the privacy controversy which immediately followed the “Latitude” launch.</p>
<p>The company which uses already uses the GPS Satellite network and will now provide the GSM Triangulation from the network carriers claims it is the first LBS service in Australia to offer the combination which provides much more accurate tracking of both people and company assets.</p>
<p>Graham Thomas, a spokesperson for MySpot’s master distributor Gofinder (Mob 0427 783333; said today that he did not expect MySpot to be affected by the privacy controversy which quickly followed the launch of Google’s new mapping application Latitude last week. London based Privacy International has criticised Google Inc. calling Latitude an “unnecessary danger” which could “allow stalkers, prying employers, jealous partners and obsessive friends” to track the exact location of users through their mobile devices.</p>
<p>“The two systems are aimed at totally different users, although there is some overlap in the personal use market,” Mr.Thomas said.</p>
<p>The MySpot SOS software is aimed at small to medium businesses and is available from Gofinder in Australia at $299 inc GST, pre-loaded phones are available from $599 inc. GST , ready to go on any network, with subscriptions from $299.40 per year.</p>
<p>“MySpot users have total control over what location information is sent, when it is sent, and to whom.”</p>
<p>“All personal location data is logged at a central server. Our system offers the most convenient and practical usage possible – a single click for sending out a pre composed SOS message to one recipient or cascade to many recipients. Notification is via e-mail, SMS, IM, twitter, and by automated voice calls. (see illustrative graphics attached).</p>
<p>“ Google’s Latitude is targetted at the social networking fun youth market whereas MySpotSOS - while certainly able to be used by individuals such as holidaymakers it is actually a serious cost effective business tool aimed at businesses who have legitimate reasons to keep track of workers in the field, for commercial reporting as well as providing a much higher level duty of care to lone workers whose work takes them into potentially dangerous situations at all hours of the day or night.”</p>
<p>“While too numerous to list every category some examples of how MySpot is already being used in Australia are night security patrol guards, night nurses, remote area council workers, outer suburban bus drivers, 24 hour petrol station and convenience store attendants and many many more.”</p>
<p>• A MySpot enabled smartphone such as the Nokie N.95, provides a discreet way of raising an alarm from what appears a standard mobile phone without inflaming the situation, sending an SOS position report accurate to within 20m. as well as a pre composed SOS message to one recipient or cascade to many recipients. Notification is via e-mail, SMS, IM, twitter, and by automated voice calls.
• The single click application also opens a speech channel, not just so a situation can be assessed by a listening security centre, but also so a recording of the incident can be made.
• An application which is attracting a lot of interest from night security patrol guards sets an automatic “Condition Check” prior to entering any potentially hazardous situation, which, if unacknowledged after a pre set period of time – up to 24 hours - has elapsed, will automatically send an SOS call to summon help, giving an exact location..
• The user may send regular location positions, or be tracked remotely on line at regular intervals (leaving an electronic breadcrumb trail).
• An alert is raised if a previously set “geo-fence” is breached.</p>
<p>The Symbian[1] certified application is easily downloaded to the mobile phone and the user controls how much information is sent to whomever – in other words MySpot offers total user control and privacy protection.</p>
<p>“While many mobile phones use GPS navigation for a variety of functions, I believe we can now claim the GPS leading edge by exploiting this niche technology and turning mobile phones into a “location documenting” device, sending/recording “location beacons” and offering high priority alert forwarding capability,” Suzanne Stokes from PhantomEye said today.</p>
<p>“The new version of the “MySpot” system solves all that complexity as a single button click can call up to 20 phones, send endless e-mail, SMS, IM and twitter messages - all with the current or last location of the user. As a backup one phone number is also automatically dialled from the phone and this can be back to base for security operatives.”</p>
<p>The “MySpot” system is marketed to a wide variety of users, including:</p>
<p>• International Business Executives travelling to politically unstable countries.
• Health Staff and Councillors visiting outdoor patients
• Road, Rail, Transport workers, Telecom and organizations that employ people to work alone tending to outdoor assets for repair or checking.
• Security companies with patrol guards</p>
<p>In parts of Australia work cover requires all cash-in-transit workers to have a duress system. Similar legislations are taking place in Europe and Americas. In the United States the E911 mandates all cell phone carriers to provide a button / system for emergency notification using cell triangulation/A-GPS/GPS. “Our application can complement that effort due to the personal nature of our offering.” said Ms. Stokes.</p>
<p>“It is all about being prepared, to get the SOS message out to as many people as possible. If you live alone, work alone, or travel alone you may at times just want to notify loved ones of your location (your “electronic breadcrumbs”). Sometimes, threats come up suddenly and you just want help from any quarter. A SOS message triggered from your phone via the website will not only relay your location to all those people on your web account but also call up one emergency number you have defined. With slide and click ease it is almost a reflex action.” she said.</p>
<p>The MySpot SOS software is available from Gofinder in Australia at $299 inc GST, pre-loaded phones are available from $599 inc. GST , ready to go on any network, with subscriptions from $299.40 per year.</p>
<p>ABOUT US: phantomEye, based in Sydney, Australia, is an experienced supplier of GPS tracking devices and provides a host of services for tracking, remote monitoring and surveillance. “For more than two years we have been providing this web-based tracking solution and advanced custom solutions to organizations that have integrated spatial data with their original systems,” Suzanne Stokes said. “Our expertise is in the integration of state-of-the-art GPS hardware, communication devices and security monitoring systems with back-end enterprise systems. So no matter how small or big your requirements we have a solution for you.”</p>

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