Product News: The latest security products from IronPort, Astaro, Fortinet, Check Point, Shavlik Technologies & Marshal

Product News: The latest security products from IronPort, Astaro, Fortinet, Check Point, Shavlik Technologies & Marshal

ARN reviews the latest products

IronPort S160

The IronPort S-Series Web security appliance combines traditional URL filtering, reputation filtering and malware filtering on a single platform to address the risk of malware attacks and spyware. By combining these innovative technologies, IronPort claims the S-Series helps organisations address the growing challenges of both securing and controlling Web traffic. The IronPort S160 is a multi-layered Web security appliance, which protects the network perimeter against spyware and a wide variety of Web-based threats. It includes multiple layers of Web security technology such as deep application content inspection, a Layer 4 traffic monitor, IronPort Web Reputation Filters and multiple malware signatures. This ensures breadth of network coverage as well as industry-leading results. Specifications include 4GB memory, a dual-core Intel Pentium processor, two 250GB SATA drives, six gigabit Ethernet ports and RAID 1 configuration with a battery backed cache. The rack-mountable, 19-inch unit measures 1.75x17.5x21.5-inches and comes with a 750W power supply running 100/240 volts.


RRP: $11,988

Astaro Command Centre

This appliance aims to give resellers complete remote management capabilities. The hardware, which is compatible with all Astaro gateway appliances, software and virtual deployments, is available in four models – 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 – which support the management of 20, 50, 100 and 200 gateway appliances, respectively. The Command Center is based on the same architecture and features the same user interface as Astaro Security Gateway. Its monitoring functions can cover several customers’ security installations with custom levels of permission. A key feature of the appliance is the use of two GUIs: One for the gateway owner and one for the MSSP, allowing the end user to view only his company’s gateway(s), while the service provider has access to all gateways managed by the device, regardless of organisation. The Astaro Command Center also acts as a cache for updates and push out to all managed gateways, avoiding duplicate downloads and saving network resources.

DISTRIBUTED BY Techplus and SoftGen.

RRP: On application

Fortinet FortiGate-3810A

The FortiGate-3810A is a high performance unified threat management appliance designed for datacentre environments. It delivers a comprehensive range of enterprise security technologies including firewall, IPS, antivirus, Web filtering, anti-spam, VPN and bandwidth shaping. Advanced support for virtualised server environments is available, with each FortiGate-3810A able support up to 250 virtual UTM appliance instances running on the same appliance. The modular appliance scales up to 37Gbps of firewall performance, and offers two AMC expansion slots. High performance servers can be directly attached to the FortiGate-3810A via either 10 gigabit Ethernet or gigabit Ethernet. The 3810A is particularly suitable for next-generation networks, or networks that integrate voice, data and other media including video, and telecommunications carriers and service providers, as they are designed to meet both present and future performance demands of high-traffic infrastructure.

DISTRIBUTED BY Lan 1, WhiteGold Solutions and Firewall Systems.

RRP: $79,995

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