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IR's Australian Software Helps US Healthcare Group Keep Fit

  • 16 February, 2004 10:48

<p>Australian software company, Integrated Research, is helping an American healthcare group to better manage the critical computer network used to ensure vitally important information can be shared between doctors, pharmacies and third-party laboratories to provide better patient care and service.</p>
<p>US healthcare group keeps fit with PROGNOSIS</p>
<p>Sydney – February 16, 2004 – US-based not-for-profit healthcare group PeaceHealth has implemented PROGNOSIS real-time systems management software to keep its business-critical information systems in check.</p>
<p>PROGNOSIS is a family of real-time systems management products, developed in Sydney by Integrated Research. The software manages some of the world’s highest availability business environments based on the HP NonStop platform, and works across mixed-platform Windows, UNIX and Linux environments. It was initially installed to manage the availability and performance of PeaceHealth’s Lastword health administration software, which automates the group’s administrative workflow and enables rapid access to patient and clinical information.</p>
<p>“Lastword integrates our core clinical processes for orders, results, pharmacy and care documentation, in concert with administrative and financial processes for scheduling, registration, admitting, charging and billing,” said PeaceHealth System Administrator Gail Harris.</p>
<p>“It is pivotal in getting the right information from patients to doctors, pharmacies and third-party laboratories, and allows us to deliver accurate, patient-centric service throughout our clinic network. Any disruption to our core systems directly affects access to the Lastword application which, in turn, can have a serious impact on patient service irrespective of how many failsafe measures we have in place.”</p>
<p>PeaceHealth is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace and operates health delivery systems in Ketchikan, Alaska; Bellingham and Longview Washington; and Eugene, Florence, and Cottage Grove, Oregon.</p>
<p>PROGNOSIS in action</p>
<p>Harris says that PROGNOSIS is used to compensate for the poor file capacity planning functions of PeaceHealth’s incumbent management software.</p>
<p>“Getting a view on how quickly certain system files were used was very labour intensive and not very accurate,” Harris added. “PROGNOSIS gave us a real-time view of our capacity metrics, so we could easily track file usage and prevent any outages from capacity bottlenecks. In many cases, PROGNOSIS accurately predicted, to within minutes, when a file would be full.”</p>
<p>From an application management perspective, transaction monitoring proved problematic before PeaceHealth purchased the transaction module in PROGNOSIS. In severe cases the incumbent software caused major application downtime that required up to two hours of manual work to rectify, which PROGNOSIS has now rectified.</p>
<p>“Two hours of downtime has a major impact on our services,” Harris said. “With PROGNOSIS we can track and resolve a problematic transaction in less than five minutes, which minimizes any effect on system performance.”</p>
<p>“PROGNOSIS has even allowed us to limit the time we schedule for monthly system downtime (typically four hours a month) and we’ve managed to skip this downtime window altogether on occasion.”</p>
<p>Proactive management</p>
<p>David Walsh, PeaceHealth System Administrator, said PROGNOSIS has helped the 11-strong PeaceHealth systems management team to shift from a reactive to proactive monitoring and workflow.</p>
<p>“With a real-time view on the critical system metrics across the organization, we don’t have to manually look for problems anymore; PROGNOSIS finds ’out of specification‘ conditions for us, and often pre-empts potential outages by alerting us when critical thresholds are breached,” Walsh said.</p>
<p>This real-time functionality of PROGNOSIS allows Walsh’s team to play a far more proactive role in maintaining the availability of their core systems, and spend more time on improving service levels.</p>
<p>“The high availability benefit is then passed on to our patients, doctors and suppliers who have access to a reliable source of information whenever they need it, and to our administrators who don’t need to wait while transactions are lodged and processed,” Walsh said.</p>
<p>About Integrated Research Ltd</p>
<p>Established in 1988, Integrated Research ( is a publicly listed company (ASX:IRI) with sales and support offices in the USA, Europe and Australia. Integrated Research develops PROGNOSIS cross-platform systems management software for high availability, business-critical environments. PROGNOSIS is available on the Windows, UNIX, Linux and HP NonStop™ platforms.</p>
<p>Whenever you use an ATM, download email, trade stocks, make a phone call, watch cable TV or shop at a large retail outlet, chances are that you’re benefiting from PROGNOSIS. The world's largest bank, telecommunications company, stock exchange, computer hardware manufacturer and Internet service provider all rely on PROGNOSIS, as do blue-chip customers in 47 countries.</p>
<p>Guy Lerner
Integrated Research
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