What's new from ... Red Hat, SuSE, Caldera

What's new from ... Red Hat, SuSE, Caldera

Red Hat

The latest release Red Hat Linux 7 is 2.4 kernel ready and features OpenSSL with 128-bit encryption, USB support for mice and keyboards, XFree 4.0.1 for improved video performance, a customisable GNOME desktop and Sawfish window manager, a graphical kernel tuning tool and a graphical firewall configuration tool.

It also includes a preview of GUI development tools including the GTK+ 2.0 widget set, Pango, and Inti.

More sophisticated users will be kept busy with multiple programming languages including C, C++, FORTRAN, Perl, Python, TCL and GCJ - GNU compiler for Java, an updated development tool-chain with gcc 2.96, gdb 5.0, glibc 2.2, and Web application development tools like PHP and Zope.

Red Hat Linux 7 comes in Standard, Deluxe and Professional versions.

The Standard version can be upgraded and provides for the installation of a workstation or server. It comes with 60 days Web-based installation support, the official Red Hat Linux Installation Guide and a documentation CD.

The Deluxe version is designed as an introductory set for first-time users. In addition to the award-winning Red Hat Linux operating system, the Deluxe workstation offers Office Suites, PowerTools, demos and full versions of numerous applications, including Star Office 5.1, plus services to start off Linux first timers. The Deluxe version comes with 30 days telephone installation support and 90 days Web-based support, as well as an installation guide and a getting started guide.

The Red Hat Linux 7 Professional version includes numerous server and workstation applications. As with the Deluxe version the Professional suite comes complete with 30 days telephone installation support and 90 days Web-based installation support. Some of the extra applications include a PowerTools CD, workstation application, a full version of Novell eGuide 1.01, Veritas NetBackup 3.4 Client, full version of StarOffice 5.2, Applixware 5.0 30 day trial, IBM DB2 Universal Database Personal Developer's Edition and Computer Associates ArcServeIT 30-day trial.

Red Hat Linux 7 Standard, Deluxe and Professional retail for $75, $155 and $342 respectively.

All three versions are available through distributors ACA Pacific Technology, G & V Electronics, Linux Plaza, Tech Pacific and Everything Linux.

Red Hat Linux: (07) 3257 4811

Best Linux

Best Linux offers a scaled down version of the operating system that comes with a simple applications set. Users have the choice of three different versions of the operating system, which comes with a fully guided installation process designed for novice Linux users.

The Best Linux operating system 2000 is designed to be easy to install using a bootable CD-ROM. Full installation takes about 1.4GB and can be run on a whole or partitioned hard disk.

Typical installation installs packages designed for normal workstations or home use and does not contain software development tools, but only requires 900MB of disk space. For more hardened Linux users, the Best Linux 2000 also offers a minimal installation for expert use. Taking only 160MB of disk space, the minimal versions allow end users to develop their own applications.

The Best Linux Operating System 2000 is compatible with all processors from Intel 386 to the latest Pentium III. A minimum of 32MB RAM is required, however for optimal operation 64MB or more is recommended. Best Linux also supports most video cards, monitors, sound cards, printers, network cards, IDE, Ultra DMA (33 and 66) and SCSI hard disks, scanners modems, ISDN cards, some USB devices and any other peripherals.

Best Linux offers a single disk version of the operating system for $49.95 retail, or a four disk box set which comes complete with operations manual and retails for $99. Best Linux is available through Best Linux Asia-Pacific.

Best Linux: 0415 503 547


The SuSE Linux 7.1 uses the newly released 2.4 Linux kernel. There are two versions of the operating system and each comes with support and the latest version of the StarOffice applications suite.

SuSE Linux 7.1 Personal

The SuSE Linux 7.1 is designed to provide easy installation, configuration and use. The graphical setup tool, YaST2, guides novice users through the installation process. The software will also accommodate automatic hardware detection, resizing of Windows partitions, soundcard and printer setup and Internet connection.

A range of applications can be selected and installed in the course of the initial installation. The software profiles are tuned to the requirements of home and office users and include StarOffice 5.2, Netscape 4.76 and a host of other office, image processing and 100+ multimedia applications such as Napster and a sound processing application.

The SuSE Linux 7.1 Personal also includes Linux games and an integrated information and help centre. The software comes complete with manuals designed to make a simple transition from a Windows to a Linux work environment.

SuSE Linux 7.1 Professional

The SuSE Linux 7.1 Professional offers what SuSE describes as a complete Linux package, comprising more than 2000 programs on DVD and CD. It is designed for ambitious home users and IT professionals providing ADSL support, Logical Volume Manager, LDAP, Reiser FS and an optimised KDE 2.0 desktop are standard features. SuSE Linux Professional is also designed for the implementation of network solutions, security concepts, cross-platform data exchange, or multimedia systems for home users.

The software includes databases, server applications for mail, e-commerce, Web, ftp, and file server, as well as StarOffice 5.2, Netscape 4.76, Moonlight3D and Gimp.

The SuSE Linux Professional is available for a range of hardware architectures.

The SuSE Linux 7.1 Personal package comprises three CDs, three manuals, 60 days of installation support and retails for approximately $71.50. The SuSE Linux 7.1 Professional comprises seven CDs, one DVD, four manuals, 90 days of installation support and retails for $242.

The SuSE Linux 7.1 Personal and Professional versions are available through distributors G & V Electronics, Linux Plaza and Everything Linux.



Designed with the Internet in mind, OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4 comes bundled with a complement of Web-ready features. According to Caldera, eDesktop 2.4 is the most network-aware Linux available today, and includes support for Unix NFS, Microsoft and Novell Networks with NDS support. Caldera's third-generation GUI installation software, Lizard, is designed to make installing Linux easy and intuitive.

The OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4 connects through the OpenLinux eServer 2.3 and comes packed with over 20 server-specific Internet applications, 10 major server products and Web-based remote management. It is also pre-tuned for server-specific hardware.

OpenLinux eServer 2.3 provides users with the Apache Web server; the File/Print Server for Linux, Unix and Microsoft; Mail Server for POP3 and IMAP4; the FTP Server; the DHCP Server; the DNS Server; the Internet News Server; the Mailing List Server; the PPP Dial-in Server; and the SQUID Proxy Server.

Caldera Volution is a complete Linux management solution designed to reduce the cost of ownership of implementing and managing Linux systems. Caldera Volution does so by enabling secure remote management of multiple Linux systems through a browser. It aims to enable administrators to manage the network with policies, without having to individually manage each system. Caldera Volution provides the capabilities for administrators to effectively manage their systems through hardware and software inventory, software distribution, health monitoring of systems, printer configuration and scheduled scripted actions.eDesktop is currently shipping and is priced at $79; eServer at $199; Volution Server Plus with 10 Managed Node Licences at $6350; and Managed Node Licences for 1-4 nodes at $315.

Caldera software is distributed by MUA.

Caldera: (02) 9980 6736

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