NOTES FROM THE FIELD: The healing game

NOTES FROM THE FIELD: The healing game

It didn't take Amber's leg long to heal, and now she is actually expressing thanks that I took such good care of her. "Now that I am better, I am going to make you whatever you want for dinner, Bobby, to repay you." Not bad.

Unending XP Updates

I previously reported problems that my spies had encountered with Microsoft's Windows XP Updates and computers from IBM and Sony. Well, we can now add Dell and Hewlett-Packard to that growing list. One of my spies was even told by a Dell technician that Dell theorised that the OEM versions of XP Pro had been modified to the point where the updates from Microsoft cannot recognise where they belong, causing them to lock or freeze up. Things are not looking any better on the HP side, either. In fact, in an online HP forum, participants have narrowed the problem down, during the past 60 days or so, to the XP Update message "System Has Recovered from a Serious Error" after every restart, one spy said.

Modem malaise

The XP Updates are not just affecting PCs. Another spy reported that BellSouth Fast Access ADSL (Asymmetrical DSL) with Alcatel Speed Touch USB modems were crippled by the Windows XP Auto Updates. Apparently Microsoft added a driver for the Alcatel USB modem to the list of items that can be updated by the feature. A spy within BellSouth tech support said that if a customer is online the auto update feature runs and the suspect driver is downloaded. The next time the customer restarts the computer, the driver gets installed. Problem is the customer can no longer connect and surf afterwards. BellSouth's faith in Team Redmond is such that it doubts Microsoft would admit the problem exists, let alone admit that the Windows XP Auto Updates feature is even supplying the faulty driver, my spy added.

Waiting for the Sun

A spy told me that in early July Sun Microsystems will further detail plans for bundling the iPlanet server with Solaris. In addition to the app server, a base set of iPlanet products will come bundled with Solaris with a limited number of licences, the spy said. Not to entirely squeeze out its loyal competition in the Java space, however, the full version of the product with an unlimited licence will continue to be sold separately.

After a nice beef Wellington that Amber made, and made very well, we went to the kitchen for dessert. When we saw whipping cream on Apache's beard and an upside-down plate on the floor, although we were mad, neither of us could discipline the pooch.

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