PC briefs: Rambus, Celerons, Hawking

PC briefs: Rambus, Celerons, Hawking

Rambus faces revenue drop in fourth quarterFeeling the pinch from a deteriorating market for DRAM chips, Rambus's financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter are expected to show a drop of 31 per cent compared to the same period last year. Rambus will see a 20 per cent decline in revenue for the fourth fiscal quarter compared to the previous quarter, when the company reported revenue of $US23.3 million, said Bob Eulau, senior vice president and CFO of Rambus.

Rambus earns the bulk of its revenue from royalties paid by semiconductor companies that manufacture memory chips based on RDRAM technology.

Celerons step over the1GHz mark

Ending a spate of high-speed technology declarations, Intel has announced it has taken its value-priced Celeron processors over the 1GHz threshold, company officials said.

Intel released three new Celeron chips in the US, running at the processor family's highest clock speeds to date: 1.1GHz, 1GHz and 950MHz.

All three Celerons complement their internal performance with 128KB of on-chip level-two cache, as well as a high-bandwidth interface to the processor core, according to Intel.

Computers set to take over the earth

If humans don't watch out, computers will take over the Earth, says Stephen Hawking.

Since computers double their capacity every 18 months, there's a real danger they will develop intelligence, the Cambridge University physicist told the German news magazine, Focus.

Hawking's comments were published along with an introduction to his forthcoming book, The Universe in a Nutshell.

It is vital to develop ways of keeping biological systems superior to electronic ones, Hawking said. Humans must develop an interface that allows the human brain to be directly connected to a computer, so that the artificial brain contributes to human intelligence, rather than opposes it.

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