Short & Curlies

Short & Curlies

Which regional reseller said business will pick up in their town as soon as they tar the roads? . . . Can you name the sales executive at one of Australia's HP distributors who when queried on the HP/Compaq merger, said: "What merger? Is Compaq buying HP?" Hmm! On the ball that one . . . While on the subject of HP and Compaq, which distributor has managed to aggravate HP with its inattention to brand, resulting in slow sales and just over 50 active accounts. The said distributor has suddenly become meticulously attentive to the HP brand following the recent takeover of Compaq . . . Which IT vendor may have to increase sales three-fold this month to cover the bill from a night entertaining ARN and other IDG journalists?

. . . Q. How many channel identities does it take to screw in a lightbulb? (Send us your best line to complete this riddle) . . . Which shamelessly opportunistic vendor was the first to send out a tasteless reminder of the need for backup and recovery within hours of last week's shocking terrorist attacks on the US? . . . Which large international vendor is currently applying a win-at-all-costs strategy to deals pursued by its channel? Tabloid spies say it is subsidising resellers to sell at below cost as the scramble to get rid of aging stock becomes more urgent with each day . . . Which ASX-listed channel company is in sheep dip as revenues fall below overheads? It is keeping very quiet about a rash of recent redundancies while putting up an "everything's peachy" front to the investment community. The consensus is that the death knell won't be heard any time soon, but the company will need to trim down even further until the market comes out of hibernation.

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