Giving credit to a standardised mobile environment

Giving credit to a standardised mobile environment

“If a laptop breaks down, we are engaged to take that out and deploy a new one if that is appropriate, and have the other one serviced and returned when it’s ready, or redeployedto somebody else,” Laheney said.

All the laptops were governed by RSA Security authentication tokens, he said.

A standard operating environment

In addition to capitalising on discounts through sourcing all equipment from one provider, using a standard operating environment on all laptops means every mobile worker can use any unit, thereby eliminating downtime if one stops working. PKBA simply provides the worker with another laptop, reimages the problem hardware and sends it back out with the next worker.

“With a standard image, it starts to reduce the number of errors as people can’t play around with them. If people can’t play with things, they can’t break them,” Laheney said.

Having to deal with multiple environments and multiple hardware platforms can be costly and adds security variables that increase maintenance costs and helpdesk calls.

“The standardisation aspect is a big winner, it’s at the core of reducing your purchasing costs and your maintenance costs over time. And of course, it adds to the stability,” Laheney said. “Once you have it nailed down people are happier in their work and can rely on their tools to get the job done.” PKBA has seen large rollouts of standardised equipment reduce helpdesk staff of six by one or two people within 12 months, he said.

“The environment is a lot more stable, people can’t tinker with it, and so your helpdesk calls come down,” Laheney said.

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