Where do all the notebooks go?

Where do all the notebooks go?

With the mobility trend in full swing, the channel must consider the environmental impacts

What happens to a notebook once it goes out of service?

While not your ordinary business question, with the mobility trend resulting in notebooks outselling PCs and a much better understanding of the impacts of e-waste apparent in the community, it is something the channel will have to come to terms with. Planet Ark recycling programs manager, Brad Gray, said one of the issues with e-waste is its exponential growth.

“The smaller, cheaper and more disposable items that are quickly thrown out, the bigger the pile of waste that comes with it,” he said. “That is the same with notebooks and also mp3 players and that kind of stuff.”

However, while some companies like Dell have a collection and recycling program in place, the community at large and the industry have yet to get their collective act together.

“There is no national program for recycling e-waste, with the exception of mobile phones and printer cartridges,” Gray said. “Everything else is pretty much on a piecemeal basis.”

Gray claimed the best thing to do for those looking to recycle their own or their clients’ notebooks is to find a service in their local area. Planet Ark run a website to assist this search: .

“We have been lacking Government leadership on this issue for the last ten years or so,” Gray said. “We haven’t yet got the leadership that we want. So there are some companies that are way ahead and then there are others who are quiet happy to let others pay for their stuff to be dealt with. What the industry is waiting for is Government to pass legislation to prevent the free loaders. Once this happens, things will move ahead.”

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