After Hours: Somerville Group IT division director, Adrian Toole

After Hours: Somerville Group IT division director, Adrian Toole

My favourite book or movie… Movie would be Getting Square, a great laugh, closely followed by Snatch. As for books, I enjoy a good biography or story about Australia’s efforts in the wars, and just finished Peter Fitzsimmons’ Tobruk and Kokoda. It’s inspiring what our ancestors did to create this nation.

If I could go anywhere… I’d relocate to a time and place where our children (Sandra and myself have three young boys) could grow up with the freedom and choice that I was lucky enough to experience: On a farm with 3000 acres to explore and use as my backyard.

If I wasn’t doing this job… I always wanted to be a farmer like my father, but there is no money and too much stress in that game. What I do now is pretty good, but a few less hours would be nice.

The person I most admire… is, firstly, my wife. I get it easy coming to work; being a full-time, unpaid mother of three boys is not easy. I also admire my grandfather, who was involved in WWII and went to New Guinea to protect Australia.

I really hate… people who throw cigarette butts out of their window!

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