Tech Pacific no longer for sale

Tech Pacific no longer for sale


Just over 12 months ago, Tech Pacific was for sale to the highest bidder. When a buyer could not be found, the sale went on hold. Now there are no plans at all for Australia's largest distributor to change hands.

In an exclusive interview with ARN, Kerry Baillie, Tech Pacific's local managing director, claims that the sale of Tech Pacific is not just on hold, it is off the agenda altogether.

"None whatsoever," was Baillie's response to the question of whether there were still any plans for Hagemeyer to sell Tech Pacific. "It would not be on my agenda even if it was still for sale, but I have actually asked that question [of Hagemeyer] and was told a definite ‘no'."

Nor is there any consideration from the company's Dutch owners to attempt to grow its own local market share and revenues through acquisition.

"Again, none whatsoever," Baillie said. "There is no need to. If I was to acquire another large distributor to get additional market share, there is no guarantee that you would be able to maintain the culture that might have been the success of that company.

"Dicker Data is the only significant player for sale that I know of. So if you take that as an example, if I was to acquire Dicker Data, how could you be sure that you would get Fiona [Dicker]? She drives just about every aspect of that business.

"Tech Pacific doesn't really need to get bigger. We just need to get better."

For a complete interview with Tech Pacific's Kerry Baillie, see this week's ARN, out now.

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