Sun builds StarOffice channel

Sun builds StarOffice channel

Sun Microsystems has signed up Brisbane-based software and peripherals distributor Intellitron to take its StarOffice 6 product to the Australian SME market, while Sun Australia keeps the corporate slice of the pie.

Sun Microsystems' StarOffice 6 software suite is a rival to the Microsoft Office suite. Until recently, StarOffice had been available as a free download. The "free-no-fee" strategy had been adopted by Sun in 1999, when it acquired the software from a German company, Star Division, in an attempt to create a Web-based group of thin-client office applications that could challenge the overwhelmingly dominant Microsoft Office.

Intellitron has already sold 400-500 units of the shrink-wrapped version of StarOffice 6. "We're selling about 200 units a week at this stage," said Intellitron manager Jason Carter. "Sales have been better than anticipated; in particular we didn't anticipate so many licensing enquiries."

Carter said that Sun Australia is providing all the licensing training for the product and all licensing enquiries are handled by Sun Australia directly.

Intellitron's role is to get the product out to its reseller channel. Carter said the distributor is selling the units to resellers for $125 (excluding GST) and is making a 20 per cent margin on the units plus marketing dollars based on volume sold.

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